Digital Horrors

How many circles of Hell did Dante write about? Nine? Well, Yahoo! only has eight games to make daybreak seem like the best thing since high-def, but that's enough of an endurance test for anyone. (Call The Orange Box game number nine, since those awful stooped zombies that fling spidery black headcrabs still make you shriek before grabbing the shotgun.)

These games don't just use simple shock tactics, though the British evidently still have a thing against Rockstar and Manhunt 2. No, these interactive tales will disturb you through incredible plotting and some of the most creative and devious enemies we've ever seen in gaming. With the current generation of console graphics to tweak the audio/visual end of the spectrum of fear, there's no need to hit a haunted house in 2007. Grab a few of these titles and your living room will be your own blissfully black dungeon for days on end.

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