Cautious Optimism

With the announcement Homefront is profitable – primarily on the heels of a marketing campaign rivaling any in videogames – I have little doubt that Homefront 2 is on the horizon. In May, THQ boasted of shipping in excess of 2.6 million copies and are planning DLC. Having already traded my copy of Homefront in, I won’t be purchasing any DLC. I will, however, remain cautiously optimistic for the certainty that the sequel is in the works.

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AllStyle2693d ago

Ive Always Felt that Homefront is an all around Great game. Granted there was issues With Freezing and Connecting to Servers, But the Team at KaoS and THQ have Done a great job with trying to get everything Fixed. The Crazy Part is that THQ is already planning Homefront 2, But i to believe that we wont see it for a couple of years. Just as long as THQ dont go Bankrupt by then.

Sugreev20012692d ago

Currently,the worst game I've played in 2011...and I doubt it will be passed anytime until the next generation of consoles.If this was a PS2 game,then I'd rate it very highly.For a 2011 game,however,this is one awful piece of mess.I give it 2/10 for the single player and 5/10 for the multiplayer.