Gamespot: InFamous 2 Review

Small problems hold Infamous 2 back from greatness, but there's still a lot of electrifying fun to be had in Cole's latest adventure.

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LOGICWINS2697d ago

So I'm I. I hope people here are mature enough to realize that this is only an OPINION.

Chucky20032697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

yeah,but finishing the game on the good side yesterday i agree with this review,and i'm a fan of the first game,still one of the best there is,but now i didn't enjoy playing it like i did when i played the first one,the missions become a bore-fest after a while,and the best part of the game is the first part of the map,where you will spend it in the main city,then the second part is swamp,full of water,and guess what?Cole dies if he falls into water,the second part of the map is so depressing that i forced myself to finish it,then comes the third part,again a big let down,you will spend it in an industrial area,again depressing almost empty

ElementX2697d ago

You get a ton of agrees with that statement but if it scored any lower you'd see 100 comments about how the reviewer sucked and only wanted hits.

telekineticmantis2697d ago

you lose all credibility...

I guess the story was too good to mention it in the review? No one at gamespot accounts story when they do reviews? They ridicule the karma system yet, while listening to podcast beyond they spoke about it holding you more accountable for your actions, and I actually played the demo and saw this for myself... what a seemingly inaccurate review. I question your credibilty Gamespot, don't you know we play these games???

gta28002697d ago

I've played so many games that felt like 10's to me that reviewers scored really low. This right here will be another one of those titles. I love part 1 and will love this one even more. It's sad that a lot of sheeple miss out on great games cause they see a review and form an opinion based on someone elses. Just dumb. But whatever, their loss, not mine. I'll be enjoying this in 4 more days!! :)

NukaCola2696d ago

It's odd to see IGN praising this game but seeing others bash it.

SilentNegotiator2696d ago

Based on what I played in the demo; The enemy variety has improved, the combat has improved, battle situations are much better set up with more intensity, the streets have more activity that makes for a better atmosphere...

I REALLY don't think they justified calling this a "disappointing sequel"

humbleopinion2696d ago

It's possible that IGN praised it because they where able to get an exclusive review before Sony lifted the "no review" policy from other outlets.

It's not unique to Sony and I've seen it with games from Nintendo, Microsoft, Konami, Activision etc: I noticed that every time IGN gets an exclusive review the score tends to be tad higher then other reviewers.

Active Reload2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I have "Conspiracy Theory" in-que on Netflix. The comments Im reading here reminded me I need to watch it.

Edit: The same guy that gave the first one a 9 has given the sequel a 7.5. Someone please explain why he'd do this please. I can't wait to hear people's thoughts on this.

MintBerryCrunch2696d ago

why the hell is there an age verification pop up when the game is rated Teen?

Reibooi2696d ago

I played the Demo earlier today and loved what I played. From what there was everything was pretty much a more polished and better looking version of the original. Little tweaks made the game alot of fun. Like not having to push the button to fire bursts over and over(Evil Cole does but I play good so in the final version that won't be a problem for me) The free climbing seemed alot more responsive which is impressive as the first game was really precise in that area. The new Melee weapon(The Amp) is really fun to mess around with in addition to the tweaked and new powers.

I'll be getting it as soon as I have the money(Wonder if I can still get it cheap at target)

Drake_Seraphim2696d ago

Wow, I've played the demo and it's even better than the first one so far. (and I loved the first one) Unless the game is drastically different this review is extremely biased.

NewMonday2695d ago

GS is a big competitor to IGN, no way Gamespot will let the long head start Sony gave to IGN slide, just business, nothing personal, IGN would do the same thing if it was the other way around.

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versusALL2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I can't wait for this game, it looks like the superhero version of Uncharted. As soon as I get money, I going straight to gamestop.

moegooner882697d ago

The first infamous was one of my fav games this gen, i even recall some reviews were the game was scored a 6, i didn't care at the time and i won't care now.critics and i aren't on the same page this gen

2697d ago
LOGICWINS2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Yeah, this just goes to show that everyone has different tastes and preferences regarding games. I remember that Official Playstation Mag gave Infamous a 7...which is a good score, but from playing the Infamous 1 demo, it was at least an 8.5(great) for me.

EDIT: Ahh..I see what hes saying now. If you watch the 2:13 mark, theres a mission where Cole has to save hostages. But even if you kill the enemies AND the get good karma points. Thats actually a legit problem. Whats stop me from getting it...but I'd dock points for that if I were reviewing the game.

fanboi hater2694d ago

I don't know if that was a bug or not but in the demo when you killed pedestrians as well as committing a good dead, depending on the amount of each, karma could shift in either direction or remain unchanged.

Bigpappy2697d ago

Exactly. I hate when people change their decision to buy a game base on a review score. If you played the first and got the demo for the second, why do you need review scores? Now if the details of the review show serious techical flaws and a very short game, then I would understand. The score really is not that important and is more subjective than the review itself. Gamers give reviews way too much power and respect.

I also deplore when people cry bias/conspiracy because the game, for their favorite system, got a bad score. Childish really.

TheHater2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Real "Gamers" don't care about review. I consider myself to be a real gamer, and I don't care for reviews to be honest.

I do however find their inconsistence to be annoying and a disservice to people that actually care for such pointless opinions. I find reviewers are giving their favorite franchises, developers/publisher, and game genre too much of a curve in their reviews. While at the same time, they tend to do the opposite developers/publisher, franchises, and genre that they are not fond of.

GrandTheftZamboni2696d ago


"I also deplore when people cry bias/conspiracy because the game, for their favorite system, got a bad score. Childish really."

No, man. What's childish is to ignore marketing that makes commercials making oil companies look environmentally friendly, women happiest when they have their periods and making black look white.

Marketing does exist.

Jinxstar2696d ago Show
Dee_912696d ago

@ TheHater hell i dont think any gamers take reviews seriously
because the hardcores read the reviews and think little of it and the casuals dont even read reviews lol
but there are some reviews for certain games like Test Drive reviews I listened to because it got mediocre scores all around and friends telling me about ..
But other than that its just another thing for fanboys to use in arguments .. thats about it

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finnhima2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

You see, This is what I love despite the ridiculously low score infamous 2 recieved from gamespot, over half of the comments here don't even let it detract them from purchasing.

Sucker punch sought out to make a great ps3 title and they did just that. There's no way that I would let some persons opinion detract me from a developers hard work.

Ive played the demo, Ive seen the previews. Sucker punch was FAR more deserving of a better score than that.

TBM2696d ago

Sooooooooooo don't care that's just his opinion, I played the demo loved what I played. I loved the first game even with the little flaws it had, and ill love this just just the same.

I do not let someone elses words tell me what games I should or shouldn't buy. If I did id of missed out on so many great games, and gotten a bunch of games that I just don't like.

callahan092696d ago

I don't believe that score for one god damn second. What the fuck is wrong with critics.

YogiBear2696d ago

Couldn't have put it more eloquently myself.

metsgaming2696d ago

Im not suprised of their bias its totally expected. There bias has only gotten worse over time.

andrewsqual2696d ago

These are the same people that give Crackdown 2 7/10. So a game that only took 2 years to come out after its first game, improves upon the 1st one in every way and pushes the graphics in open world games, gets the same score as a game that took 3.5 years to come, looks worse then the original and is the EXACT same goddamn city but is the Red Dead Undead Nighmare expansion to the 1st game but full price. Gamespot should have give up after that Kane and Lynch review guy left lol.

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Godmars2902697d ago

I don't think the original scored all that high.

bestofthebest2697d ago

the original got a 9.0 on gamespot.

LOGICWINS2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Hmm..well if you watch the video review, it seems that McShea loved the first Infamous so much that he expected a MAJOR overhaul for the sequel. He gave Infamous 1 a 9. For me, the changes are MORE than enough for a $60 purchase..but I guess to each their own.

@TheHater- You make a good point about him COMPLETELY neglecting the fact that you can absorb electricity to recharge health. He shouldn't have complained about that considering it was ALSO in Infamous 1..and I don't remember him complaining about it then.

However, I do agree with him that it seems that there are issues with the morality system. If your on a mission to save hostages, how does it make sense for you get rewarded with good karma if you kill the hostages along with the enemies?

I'm hoping SP could patch that..cause its a legitimate problem in my eyes.

TheHater2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Yeah, If you watch the review, you will also notice this guy had no idea about what the fuck was going on in the game.

He complain that your health takes too long to regenerate, yet you doesn't know that absorbing electricity from the environment restores Cole's health. Did this guy even play the game? That was mention in the tutorial and this guy claim to play the game?

Forgive me, but I cannot take anyone serious when it comes to something so simple as this.

Edit: the morality system do seems to be a concern. However, I just cannot get pass the fact that this guy is suppose to be a professional reviewer, yet he completely missed one of the very basic element of the gameplay.

nopunctuation2697d ago

Yeah I was expecting an overhaul as well. From the demo it looks like the same stuff we saw in the first game. Controls are smoother, but facial animations look pretty dated (LA Noire is spoiling us in that area). I wish cole could fly like static shock could. It still looks like a fun game though. Fans of the first should get into it pretty fast.

Nitrowolf22697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I got the game early from my gamestop
It plays just like the first one, also health regen fast once you get the giga drain upgrade.

oh he can kind of fly later on in the game (depends what side you pick)

there are some really awesome powers in this game, my all time fav is the sling shot one. makes travelling up so much easy.

Overall great game, only issue i have is the lack of music when playing missions. Infamous 1 had an awesome soundtrack and yet i have a hard time hearing I2 or they don't play it as often as they should.

Also i have no idea what they mean by story decision are black and white. I have never killed both hostages and Enemy at the same time. I'm playing through evil so i killed all the hostages.

Also the guy said blastshards become hard to get or tricky, not true at all. All it takes is a simple push of circle to drop, plus later on in the game you get an upgrade to fling you to them.

BTW i wonder what difficulty these guys are playing at. I'm playing on Hard and let me tell you its not hard at all.


OMG these are morons. Black an white throughout the whole game? Um no, it's called going next to an object or down enemy and absorbs its energy.
Notice two parts when he said that, one he's on a truck. Zeke rigged that truck with an energy transformer thing. The second part is in the graveyard. I will give him credit hear, the power is down and your fighting swamp monsters here. By throughout the whole game there is so much to absorb.

Also another issue i have with the game is it lacks a statistic menu.

lalapin2697d ago

You can see the reviewer hate the game , he is simply too stupid to pull the L2 to recharge his health.

And he must be hating all FPS cause they all have balck&white screen when you are dying

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Joe Bomb2697d ago

Wow, what's with all these $hitty scores? The demo was awesome.

TheGamingArt2697d ago

There are only 2 bad scores, this one and GamePro. Either way, these people are considerably horrid when reviewing. Look at their past reputations and you'll know what I mean.

-Alpha2697d ago

A 7.5 is not a bad score by any means

Jack-Pyro2697d ago

When it comes to PS3 exclusives and fanboys then yeah, a 7.5 is extremely low....

forevercloud30002697d ago


7.5 IS a bad score, and I can tell you why...

In a generation where games cost up to 60bucks brand new many don't have the funds to get every game they want. This means they have to decide between whats worth an immediate purchase and what they should wait on. This means that if you had to decide between a 7.5 game and a 9 game, ur gonna go with the one thats higher rated.

Many might not solely base their purchase on just the reviews but regardless it is a factor. Too many ppl say its crap, u start to believe it.

So basically what these scores come down to...
at 60bucks only 9s+ are must buys,8-8.9s are negotiable, all other wait for the bargain bin if at all.

PS:FYI for any wondering, I do not believe this game to be a 7.5, just like the first game it is at least a 8.5. Anything below that is far to low.

Son_Lee2697d ago

The demo wasn't that good.

lalapin2697d ago

I know , it was awful to play infamous on gaybox

Son_Lee2697d ago

A demo is supposed to make me want to play the full game. The demo made me wish I didn't play the demo. It was THAT bad.

2697d ago
GodofSackboy2696d ago

Seriously - i think Metacritic is corrupt or something. There have been numerous reviews over 9.0 and they havent counted any of them. Yet they count everything under 9.0. Its ridiculous.

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TheGamingArt2697d ago

Talk about a shitty review. Especially if you read it. It practically contradicts itself.

rob60212697d ago

They cite 'questionable design decisions' as a flaw yet fail to elaborate on what exactly those design decisions were - He is really digging to find flaws - horrible review.

showtimefolks2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

the most honest reviews since the whole jeff incident. but just playing the demo it seems like SP have improved a lot

cole's moving speed
story seems to be better presented

i think some sites look st sequels the wrong way. if a studio just improves on the 1st game reviewers complain about not doing something new. And when a studio tries something new they are punished very harshly for trying something new and going away from a working formula

no way to please critics

also a review is one person's opinion can't wait to pick up my hero edition


please play the demo first before giving an opinion.

Pintheshadows2696d ago

Lol, at the Son_Lee comment. It was THAT bad. What a belljar.