E3 2011 – Everything you need to know

Finally, the big day is coming. The most important video game event is about to happen. As you may know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) takes place annually in the United States, usually in Los Angeles, California. That's where we check the stages that feature the latest news and trends in the gaming world, making fans completely linked in the event. Besides having an incredible structure, in which the developers are betting all their chips on advertising and promotion, the event is also responsible for some big surprises, which includes new consoles and highly-anticipated games.

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GoldPS32746d ago

I just want Sony to announce Syphon Filter.

darkdoom30002746d ago

Yeah, but the studio that makes syphon filter is busy making the uncharted NGP game.

so if we do see syphon filter at E3 it would be made by another dev. I wouldn't really want some other studio to take over. (remember socom: confrontation?)

Spitfire_Riggz2746d ago

At least Slant Six tried to please the Socom fans. Zipper went casual


Id like to see Star Wars Battlefront 3 finally announced, instead of *shudder* "The Force Unleashed III" .......

...Really I want to be a storm trooper, I want to drive AT ATs & AT STs, I want to force choke rebel scum, I want to fly into a star destroyers hangar........

I dont want to play as a menstral emo who has daddy issues and cant decide on wether or not he wants to be sith or Jedi.

Mcardle2746d ago

Didn't tell me where the toilets are.... Disappointed.