E3 2011: Top 3 PS3 Announcements To Slow Down Xbox 360 Momentum

E3 events always creates movers and shakers of the industry, there would always be reflection of what happened on announcements that shattered mind expectations.

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stonecold32693d ago

if 8 days and the getaway 3 and eyeidentify and ffvs 13 and agent get announced to me i think sony will win the e3 big time

Joule2693d ago

What MS momentum? Diamond TV service for more money?? Paying for TV you already have? It's called cable.

So I don't see whats exciting about MS's conference.....maybe you guys are hyped for Kinect games? bahahbahahaaah

LOGICWINS2693d ago

"Paying for TV you already have? It's called cable."

Ummm..not everyone has cable.

Kon2693d ago

I think you are the definition of nutgrabber.

captain-obvious2693d ago

well i think its the other way around
so far PS3 still have more exclusives coming

ImHereNow2693d ago

You cant stop MS momentum.

Its on a 11 month run at #1 seller.
Sales are up 30% YoY
Gears 3 and Forza 4 this fall

If MS announces a pricecut its going to be GAMEOVER


Rainstorm812693d ago

Momentum? riding the Kinect wave with limited software motion or core doesnt look like momentum to me.

two Exclusives and a price cut doesnt make it game over, MS did price cuts a few times before and its still game on.

and even then they had far more exclusives and a healthier lead over the ps3 sales wise.

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Misterhbk2693d ago


Are we talking sales with this or are we talking games?

Because as far as sales, Sony doesn't have a huge casual grabber if you will like Kinect is for MS so odds are MS will continue to sale more (only in the US of course). As far as games go MS doesn't have anything to steal that momentum. Not enough first party studios for that.

If they announce Halo its expected. Gears is obviously gonna be there so thats not biggie. Forza? No. They don't have the IPs to steal the momentum as far as games go.

Sony has hardware (NGP) and many games on their side. Its pretty obvious how this one is gonna go.

betrayed gamer2693d ago

what about code name kingdoms?

gaden_malak2693d ago

"what about code name kingdoms?"

Tell me everything you know about this game.

creatchee2693d ago


Tell me everything you know about Agent.

KonaBro2693d ago

that Agent is made by Rockstar who has a track record of putting out AAA quality games repeatedly versus Crytek whose claim to fame was Crysis (the benchmark for PC gaming but a mediocre game overall) and Crysis 2 (which was a disappointment in general). I think it's pretty clear what company you can depend on using common sense.

creatchee2693d ago


Congratulations. You've told me nothing about Agent except that it is developed by Rockstar and not Crytek.

My point was that nobody knows what either game looks like or plays like, let alone how good they will be.


LOL @ the "tell me everything you know" attacks.

NateCole2693d ago

creatchee. The Agent is developed by RockStar North (The A team). Its a spy thriller set at the height of the cold war in the 70's developed exclusively to take full advantage of the PS3 with Sony's support.

What do we know about Kingdoms?.

creatchee2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )


I don't know anything about Kingdoms. Nobody except the developers does.

However, as I stated before, aside from a general blurb about the setting and who is making it, NOBODY except the developers know anything about Agent either.

EDIT: And the PS3 exclusivity doesn't do anything for me. Great games are great games, just as poor games are poor games. The console that they appear has no meaningful impact on their quality - that's the developer's job.

Rainstorm812693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

For me knowing Agent is a rockstar exclusive is one up over Kingdoms.

As creatchee said developers make games great, and with R* North being one of the top multiplat devs in the business right now, an exclusive by them will be a sight to see on any console.

Not to discredit Crytek, but R* has a far better track record.

Thats why MS payed 50 mil for R*'s GTA DLC. Kingdoms' budget may not even be that much

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Misterhbk2693d ago

You need to take a look at world wide sales my friend. Although the 360 is doing astounding in the states, no question bout it, but when you look at the world as a whole the PS3 has still been outselling it.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2693d ago

Lol @ ImHerenow.

Momentum? What momentum? We're talking about games, not sales. Gamers play games. Companies and analysts deal with sales.

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Sonyslave32693d ago

lol there nothing sony can do to stop MS momentum

MinusTheBear2693d ago

Check recent WW sales figures, PS3 is still coming out on top week after week. You guys are in denial. Stop hiding behind US sales.

guigsy2693d ago

What weekly sales figures? VGchartz? Official worldwide consoles sales are released quarterly by the console manufacturers, and in the most recent quarter (January-March) the 360 outsold the PS3 worldwide.

MinusTheBear2693d ago

PS3 Sell-through: 2.45
360 Sell-through: 2.09

360 shipped more but PS3 sold to consumers more.

kingdoms2693d ago

Truer words could not have been spoken.

THC CELL2693d ago

Really, will see last time i check a new hardware is coming and nothing on xbox will top my tv i get now nor. I dont even watch tv. I hate call of duty but npg has a call of duty exclusive coming and that is ment to be king of shooters today. If god of war 4 is coming that will be a big hit for ms, and getaway can take a crowd, and lets see agent wont fail as it made by the. Best team from rockstar and sony do seem to have some of the world best exclusve just some people are that blind. Yes i love halo as it can be fun but it getting boring now and i understand bungie are making new games and has pass halo to probs the worst team ever. Still be cool to have a look but they wont deliver. Hmm I seen a game that will look awesome and may take some left foer dead gamers called payday. Love the idea foer that game, I see gta 5 will be announced if that is a exclusive ms will see the end of e3 this year. Also that wont end sony have to prove them self with psn to some of the little babys in this world I see new services will be added and offers for ps plus members. Dont say cross game chat or party chat as far as I know its not really making a good team play game feature yes play halo reach 80% of people are in party chat and its not good at all.

Lyr1c2693d ago

You'd have to deny the laws of physics to stop something that isn't moving.

jdfoster002693d ago

MS is bringing out tv services that you allready have i.e tv and in the uk you get cable for FREE. MS have what? No games. No games. They just have NO games unlike the ps3. MS going down the WII casual route and sony is staying hardcore. (More hardcore gamers are going to ps3 , but more csual gamers going to 360) Ps3 sales are higher than 360 sales, OVERALL. And not just the US. The world doesn't revolve around the us you know?

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Bigpappy2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

M$ has some new frieds call 'casuals'. The only way Sony will affect M$'s relationship with them is to get them to buy the Move instead.

None of those games would do anything if Uncharted is not able to do it. Uncharted3 is Sony's biggest game at E3.

May be a new GOW would help, but those 3 will be lucky to get 2 mil in sales each.

jdfoster002693d ago

Been some rumours of MW3 to be move compatible. (Move sales would be up, up and away if this was announced xD)

Chocoboh2693d ago

Microsoft had a momentum going? I own all consoles right now as it is(got my Xbox360 for bargain price) and played a few good exclusives like halo reach, alan wake, and splinter cell conviction but they don't really have anything going for them..

Sony and Nintendo are really the ones competing here Microsoft is more like trying to get in line with Nintendo. Funny how times have changed.

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