5 SEGA Saturn games that need to be ported to current consoles

SEGAbits: "One of the best things about the SEGA Saturn is it’s wide array of exclusives. While Dreamcast lost many of its best exclusives to its competitors shortly after it died, the exodus of Saturn exclusives has been painfully slow. A port here, a remake there, but nothing like the sort of treatment that Dreamcast, Genesis, and even Game Gear/Master System libraries got after SEGA’s departure from the console business. Heck, when a Saturn game does get ported, it doesn’t even get localized much of the time. Why the general lack of porting or emulation? Well, according to Panzer Dragoon series director Yukio Fatatsugi, it’s because SEGA has misplaced the source code for many of their Saturn games, meaning that many games now on the Saturn will never see the light of day on another console unless they are completely rebuilt from the ground up, something that is probably unlikely to happen."

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stonecold32693d ago

daytona revamped sega rally xman vs super street fighter virtua fighter and marvel super hereos vs street fighter

zeeshan2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Hell yeah! I'd loovvee to see Nights again in all it's HD glory. Heck, how about Nights 2? :D And yes, I am one of the rare Saturday fans! I simply loved my Sega Saturn!!!

Godmars2902693d ago

Panzer Dragoon needs a full revamp at this point. Dragon Force as well, but as a PSN/XBL title that relies on side-scrolling sprite based animation.

miyamoto2693d ago

Panzer Dragoon 1, 2, & Saga
Dragon Force 1 & 2
Guardian Heroes
Radiant Silver Gun
Samurai Showdown RPG
Die Hard Arcade
Saturn Bomberman

Godmars2902693d ago

Yeah all those, though I doubt even if Namco was thinking thing about Samurai Showdown RPG they'd put it out i the West. Also, I don't really trust this console gen simply make a game. Its either 3D realistic first or third person or its nothing worth mentioning.

Pintheshadows2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Steep Slope Sliders. It was way better than Coolboarders.

Also i'm giving you a bub for mentioning Die Hard Arcade.

SuperStrokey11232693d ago

Great list! Dragon force would be a 100% buy for me. Why are there no Saturn games on XBL or PSN?

thats_just_prime2693d ago

Could add shining the holy ark and oasis to the list too

NeoBasch2693d ago

I cried a little when I saw Shining Force III. Will I never be able to play Scenario 2 and 3? :'(

50Terabytespersec2693d ago

Panzer Dragoon would Be so EPIC on the PS3!This game was at the forefront of large scale epic production games, and massive bosses at its time!!!!!
I was blown away and will always be by the atmosphere of this haunting game!

matt_hooper2693d ago

Dragon Force is the greatest strategy game ever made. A remastered Night's was released on the PS2 in Japan but to see it on "current gen" consoles would really be something else.

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