Gamereactor Sweden inFamous 2 Review

In this sequel to the game world's most electrified sandbox we get the chance to further hone superhero abilities. Editor Mäki has rushed around with Cole and made New Marais uncertain to Infamous 2 ...

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Max_Dissatisfaction2790d ago

Interesting tid bit, these guys gave the first game this score as well

Aery2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Umm looking at the score with this web site looks like 8 is a good score except this fact :

Hunted demon forge : 4 ('s a joke)
Motorstorm apocalypse : 5 (...another joke)
Killzone 3 : 7 (...)
Brink : 7 (same score of killzone 3)
Socom 4 : 6 (so brink is better, eh ?!)


Dragon age 2 : 9

There are other questionable high score, and reading their review looks like those guys don't really play the game.

manumit2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

and i think thats why it comes down to self opinion. Like transformers 2: My friend LOVES that movie and as for me i turned it off half way.

EDIT: 8 is a hell of a good score!

NateCole2790d ago

8 is an A when i was in Uni. People nowdays have way too high standards.

ImHereNow2790d ago

if an 8 equals an "A" at your school I feel sorry for you. And you/your parents should be slapped for paying the tuition.

SweetIvy2790d ago

Yes and No.
Of course there are tastes but then, there are also facts.
Your friend may like Transformers 2 for any reason but truth is there age huge holes in the plot and things that do not make sense etc. One can still like it but you cannot claim is a well done movie.

That's what reviewers are supposed to do. Review a game, of course the experience is "filtered" through someone own likes and dislikes, taste etc. Still there are things that are facts.
In games as well as in any form of craft or art; yet more often than not, it seem reviewers just ignore these facts, what's behind a game, what makes a game.
One may or not like Infamous 2 style, but giving it an 8 for Graphics, same score than Dragon Age 2 is not a matter of taste, is a matter of seeing an optician :P.
I also realize it may not be the same reviewers but I expect a site to have guidelines and be consistent in its reviews.

By the way, 8 was a 24/30 when I was in Uni (and still is) and as a vote it sucked.
Anything between 28 and 30+ is ok ;), well, if your goal is to be among the very best, of course :).

SweetIvy2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

What I find most interesting is to see and value the scores of games after I've played games and yes... you really have the feeling they don't really play games, or do it very quickly etc.

I haven't played Infamous 2 yet, of course but I've played the first, in hard and both as good and bad guy (I'd like to know how they played through this one, this kind of game TAKES time to be fully played/expriences/enjoyed... did they take the time?

I've got my plat on Motorstorm Apocalypse (didn't have that much fun online since Burnout Paradise), I love the tracks, the mayhem etc., quite unique and impressive.

I'm on my way to plat KZ3 (bolder and better than Kz2, extremely polished a sound 9+, for me), a serious pretender to GOTY (with a bunch other games this year though).

I've played Brink... good potential, good ideas behind it, very much unpolished and "rushed" but I see the potential for a nice new franchise and a Brink 2 could be very good.

I'm finishing SOCOM today, just missing the final campaign. Challenging, missions are a bit too long (the final ones at least) but great feel overall, pretty unique and definitely to play for a change in pace and style (a style I personally like, to have your squads to guide etc.).

So, I know I'm not on the wavelength of these guys...

Exquisik2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

You should definitely write reviews for games. Everything you said is spot on!

SweetIvy2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

double post... :)

Goeres2790d ago

Well, Gamereactor is known for rushing out their reviews.

Pintheshadows2790d ago

I just can't wait for this. I've become immediately addicted to the original again. I forgot just how good it was.