Nielsen: Roughly 1/4 Of Gamers Interested In New Consoles

Gamasutra: "A new Nielsen survey shows 27 percent of interviewed gamers would be interested in buying Nintendo's next console within 6 months of its release.

Similar proportions of those interviewed expressed interest in purchasing new consoles from Microsoft (25 percent) or Sony (24 percent) should they be released in the next two years.

The survey, conducted in the weeks before the upcoming E3 show, seems to suggest some potential interest in new hardware at this point in what many analysts are calling an extended hardware cycle."

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fluffydelusions2788d ago

I'm fine for the time being. Enough good games coming out this year and next to keep me busy. 2013 sounds like a good year for next gen.

xer02788d ago

Some people are okay to wait. And indeed, it makes sense this generation for many reasons.

However, if these figures are anything to by... it tells me that those 1/4 of gamers are the same ones who bought an Xbox 360 and PS3 at launch day... like myself :)

gcolley2787d ago

i don't usually buy it in the first year anyway so next year would be fine by me

goaliegonzalez282788d ago

Im fine with current gen consoles for now

SuperKing2788d ago

I'm fine with the consoles now. Great PS3 games coming out on the horizon, so I can wait a few more years until they announce new ones.

ASTAROTH2788d ago

Isnt it always the same? 1/4 of the gamers are always the early adopters. It has hapened gen after gen. Not all these 50 plus million 360 were sold day one... JESUS... Did those analyst get paid for that???

xVeZx2788d ago

no reason for new consoles for a while....they still havent tapped into the power the 360 and ps3 have....

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