The PS3s Big Brother Turns 7 Years Young Gets 160 Games in March 2008

Which is like 49 in console years.

And Sony is celebrating this with a Ceramic White PS2 Launch to go with your Non BC PS3 40GB Ceramic White (Rumor).

The PS2s success of over 120 MILLION consoles sold globally are big shoes to fill for little brother PS3. I mean pretend the PS2 is Jesus Christ. Now pretend that your Jesus' little brother.

Next year the PS2 will be eligible to collect Social Security, but if you think its retiring thing again. SCEA has told Gamasutra that it will be announcing some 160 odd titles for the PS2 through the end of March 2008! Makes you think twice about saving that 100 bucks huh?


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YoMeViet4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

kool 160 new titles to mess around with, the PS2 might even last into it's 8th year.

LoydX-mas4874d ago

that none of them will play on the new 40 gig PS3 that Sony is trying to move this season.

ruibing4874d ago

If you want to play PS2 games in their best quality, get a PS2. I've played PS2 games on a PS2 through component cable and 60GB PS3 through the same and certain games looks better (in terms of color, saturation, vibrancy, and hue) on the PS2. The same goes for the software emulation, it has been shown that it looks better than hardware emulation due to certain post processing due in software, like smoothing.

The Wood4874d ago

we will support you even when your old and grey

mcgrawgamer4874d ago

turn a profit on the ps3 and it's software. I actually see this as a good thing and this brings up another question. Did Sony need to launch the ps3 as early as they did?

Kratos_Kart20074874d ago

Alot of Japanese the EA sports games and some Konami.....

I love my Ps2....and I can play my whole game Library on my PS3(Launch PS3)

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The story is too old to be commented.