Guitar Hero III Street Date Broken

Several distribution companies are receiving complaints this morning as the street date for GH III has been broken. Sears is the best known retailer to release the game early so far. No word from Activision yet on any repercussions.

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MaximusPaynicus4874d ago

This isn't like BioShock, or Halo 3, where people were getting the game a week in advance. I don't think Activision will come down TOO hard for it, but I'm sure they're pissed.

benny o klaatt4874d ago

you americans are lucky, i'm sure it doesnt come to UK till november 23.
best check

Panthers4874d ago

do they offer the bundle with the guitar?

Azures4874d ago

Jason Booth wasn't working on it so probably a much better game for it.

YoMeViet4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

awwwwwwwww dammit I want mine too, I don't think my local gamestop would let me get mine early though..

Seraphim4874d ago

just a continuous showing of the broken distribution & release of games. When will the industry get it's sh!t together and have games shipped to stores, for release, on their release dates?

Robeezy4874d ago

who buys games at Sears?

R2-JD4874d ago

People that want to get a game before the official street date!?!?

vgn244874d ago

Simple and true. very funny

Robeezy4874d ago

Well yea I could see if you just happen to be in Sears and walk past it and see it. But who actually goes to Sears to buy games? Maybe moms i guess.

R2-JD4874d ago

LOL. I agree Robeezy. Sears is the last place I would go to buy a game. Hell, I don't think the Sears stores here even sell video games in the store.


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