Kotaku: PS3 Firmware 2.0 Detailed, Hits Next Week

An informed UK reader sends word of the Playstation 3's 2.0 firmware release, which he says is supposed to hit on Oct. 30. While the source appears to be genuine, [Brian Crecente] little doubtful of the timing since 1.94 seems to be just hitting now with copies of Ratchet and Clank, so take this, as you should all rumors, with a grain of salt.

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Scythesean4870d ago

i can't view this site from work does it say anything else?

Fighter4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Spiderman Blu-ray trilogy and firmware 2.00 on the same day. Even though it looks like no in-game XMB or HOME this is still a solid update if the rumors are true.

EDIT: @Scythesean

Main features of PS3 version 2.00:

Turn your PS3 on and off with PSP Remote play

A new PLAYSTATION Network category

A TV Category for those who install PlayTV into their HDD (SCEE only).

Playlist for Music & Photo

Content group for Video & Game

XMB customization (Custom theme & background color setting): This will come with one alternative custome theme. Addition generic themes will be available for download via with game title themes to follow on Nov 20th, distributed via the Store (PS/PC). The cost of the game themes haven't been decided yet. Guidelines for users to create their own Custom Themes will be distributed via shortly after the firmware hits.
Information Board: This will be shown in the top right of the screen and include news feeds from as well as store updates. The board came be set to ticker mode, list mode, details mode or disabled.

Trend Micro Web Security for PS3™ internet browser: This is a parental lock for website viewing that will initially be free but that Trend Micro will later charge for.

sonarus4870d ago

no i need in game xmb. i wanna be able to send messages sign in and sign out listen to music while in game. the music and photo playlist is a smart addition also hope they find away to rearrange it to make songs easier to find. As far as i'm concerned they should even bother without releasing in game xmb. should be able to send messages to ppl am playing online with without having to quit the game 1st. And i've been playing gran turismo and i need in game music for that. Common sony dnt dissapoint me

aiphanes4870d ago

Firmware 2.0 is still a rumor...we just have to sit back and wait...Sony knows everybody wants in game Xmb....we will get it...and we will get play tv in the states also next year...

ATLRoAcH4870d ago

I'm sure by now Sony is tired of hearing in-game XMB.Everyones been screaming it anyway.I know I want it.And just like aiphanes said they never said thats all the update includes.Even if hes right on the date there will probably be more to it.

Mikey_Gee4870d ago

If NOTHING else .. this is what I really want to see !


Omegasyde4869d ago

Wait and see people.

Since the "power of the cell and the Spus" haven't really been used yet.

Supposingly Sony thought Developers would implement these features in their games, but no developer has given enough development or resources for it.

And do remember "Home" was suppose to be out in a October/November Time period according to

jiggyjay4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

because the PS3s graphic processor and CPU processor can't handle it.. And if it can it should have been in there by now! The 360 I believe got it 6 months after it launched! Poor Sony Fanboys! Sony keeps telling you to bend over and you guys keep taking it! You guys might be starting to enjoy it with all the Sony Fanboys still defending their console of choice!

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tethered4870d ago

Its a rumor still.

Could be more to it.

Absinthetic4870d ago

I wouldnt consider "An informed UK reader" as a good source

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