What If…Apple released a games console: Part 2

Gamertag Radio writes: "This article is part of my ‘What If’ series, in which I present a fictional, but plausible scenario, and treat it as fact. This is a continuation of my Apple games console scenario."

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death2smoochie2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

"What If…Apple released a games console: Part 2"

You would have to be Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson just to afford it...

And then you get to enjoy last generation technology at future inflated prices.
The Apple way of doing things

ATiElite2695d ago

you would have to buy a a new console every year.

the first one would cost $2000 and only play SP games.

then next year buy another one for $1999.99 but it would have new features like MP games.

then the year after that buy another one for $2200 but it would play MP and SP games and come with a bigger HDD and fancy colors.

fluffydelusions2697d ago

It would be $499 for the wifi only version

pixelsword2696d ago

You would know every other Apple console gamer...

... seeing that only about 28 people would be able to afford it globally.

kevin360uk2696d ago

That Chinese teenager would probably sell his soul for one

NYC_Gamer2696d ago

would be too expensive for me