There is NO Internal HD DVD on 360

According to engadget, Toshiba's PR people are acting like there is a secret. This was based off the news we all heard last night that Toshiba was asking engadget to remove it's denial.

Engagdet lied. They were asked to change the denial to a friendlier quote that shined a more positive light on the Toshiba brand. But that truth didn't pull traffic. XF explains exactly what Toshiba's PR team requested when they contacted engadget. This was all used to add fuel to the internal drive fire.

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eagle214870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

"but making news up and bending it should get you fired."

This was edited because It seemed to start flame. I don't know why.

vgn244870d ago

Ask Randy Pitchford, the pres of Gearbox about XboxFamily's integrity and what happened to a writer that posted a false story. That writer did it by mistake, but was still let go.

marinelife94870d ago

My dream 360 is now gone. Back to my PS3 then.

info4870d ago

this is turning into a ybe.... bloody hell just put up some solid news and not a rumour of the rumour of the answer etc...the whole website is gonna turn into a joke.

Razzy4870d ago

Toshiba is working on a secret. They're creating their own Blu Ray player. ;-)

vgn244870d ago

Why not? Seriously though. They seem to have a friendly relationship with Sony (considering the recent Cell factory purchase). Why can't gamers be as nice to one another as the actual companies competing are?

Bladestar4870d ago

"Why can't gamers be as nice to one another as the actual companies competing are?" I can answer that... because these companies make deals that benefit both sides and make lots of cash...
Gamers on the the other hand dont... unless Sony fanboys want to give me money.. there will be no peace.. LOL.. just kidding.. but seriously, companies have no enemies or friends.. they only have partners... nothing is personal.. only business. They benefit from the fanboy wars... free advertising.

SmokeyMcBear4870d ago

haha blade you sneaky bastard.. you should be banned for changing your name and making a second account... booooooo, hehe

WilliamRLBaker4870d ago

TOS states he is allowed to have as many accounts as he wants as long as he only has one active account.

If you dont like it then take it up with the admins but what hes done is allowed by the TOS.
*because we all know no sonyfanboy on this site hasn't done the same thing right*

Bladestar4870d ago

@SmokeyMcBlunt - Bann my account? LOL.. that's just not possible... Now.. why would you want the developers making this site to have so much work?
I currently personally own like 25 domains... not counting all the admins email accounts for the domain of each one of my clients.
Ban this account I make more accounts... lol.
ban my IP? I currently have 5 Unique IP address at home and one dynamic. And let's just pretend developers managing this site have lots of time on their hand and personally figure out my new accounts I would create under a different name and block my 5 IP... I just use one of my clients Proxy server... or one of the thousands of free proxy servers available on the internet... for example... if I would want to knock down your bubbles... I would create a stress test using visual studio team system (very nice testing tool) to create 100 accounts and log the user the user names on the a database.. then create another test to give you negative feed back...

<change proxy server />
<login />
<give you negative feedback />

Trust me.. on this process can't be tracked... why I don't do it? why would I want to? My hacking, cracking days are over... too old...
Banning.. my account... lol.. you are funny... that couldn't stop a regular computer user... and is going to stop me... hah!

Don't lose sleep over it... I can't be stopped... ove on... try not to think about it.

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mirroredderorrim4870d ago

I think Blade is watching his words more wisely as well.
A semi-new attitude for a semi-new account. :p

Scarfy4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

This would be excellent. Great news for millions...

(Edit: Fixed grammar)

remix4870d ago

important then people realize.

hdtv's are starting to become the new sdtv. when this happens, people are gonna want HIGH DEF MOVIES. if bluray wins the hi def war, what system are they gonna be looking for to buy it bluray movies........................ ..................PLAYSTATIONTH REE.
so that will get sony alot of sales not only on the gaming side but the movie audience. and since gaming is expanding rapidly, those people just might want to pick up a game or two for themselves or there kids maybe. if you know it can play games, and have kids, im sure you would probably try to pick up a game for them. THIS IS ONLY GONNA HELP SONY IN THE LONG RUN BUT SINCE MICROSOFT IS SO FOCUSED ON NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW AND MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY, THERE NOT THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE........................ ..................OH WELL

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