PlanetXbox360 E3 2011 Wishlist - Robert

With E3 2011 less than a week away (and Microsoft’s press conference coming even sooner than that), there’s already buzz as to what we could possibly expect from Microsoft and the third-party developers this year at the big show. More Kinect-exclusive titles, the possible return of some old favorites, a possible price drop…anything and everything in rumors is being passed around. With that, I have a few estimations as to what we can look forward to at the big event this year. Now, these may (or may not) be accurate, but I think they’re pretty damn good guesses. Let’s get started with the PlanetXbox360 E3 2011 Wishlist for me, Robert.

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UltimaEnder2696d ago

I'll take a look at the Xbox 720 (doubtful, unfortunately)...

ATiElite2696d ago

I wish for Halo 4 running on the Xbox 720 oh and a Gears 3 DX11 PC version.

LaurenKB1232696d ago

Didn't the PGR studio get closed down?

THWIP712696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Bizarre Creations was acquired by Activision in 2007, but MS retained the rights to the PGR ip. PGR5 is being developed under the MGS umbrella, by Turn10 and supporting teams.

And yes....Bizarre Creations was shutdown in January, by Activision, after BLUR failed miserably.

Winkle922696d ago

Oh man, if any one of those things happened, this E3 would be absolutely amazing for me. Fingers crossed!