Call of Duty Elite Official Faqs

These are straight from the source, Activision just sent these our (Platform Nation) way so we can help fix some of the confusion that going around the internet about Call of Duty Elite. Hopefully this will answer some of the many questions that is about what Call of Duty Elite actually is and what it does.

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Spartacus54052721d ago

EA gives this for free for Battlefield, this seems like a real big waste of money, the most loyal CoD fans on X360 won't even pay this. Activision just jumped the shark.

-Alpha2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Not everything on Elite will require a fee. Just wonder what they will offer and what they will charge for.

thrasherv32721d ago

An ingorant mind is hard to change. This looks better than but don't tell them that. You have to pay for it, right?

dillydadally2721d ago

It is free Spartacus, just like Battlefield. Don't post without reading the article.

This article is specifically to explain that everything that's in every other service ( is free here, plus more like groups. The only thing that costs money is if you want to be a premium member, which will probably offer something similar to (a larger file share and video rendering). In other words, they are offering a service probably better than anything else on the internet all for free.

AllroundGamer2721d ago

would be a good name: Call of Duty Elite - Official Fags :D

wiggles2721d ago

Wow that is a lot of FREE content, it's a shame that activision didn't really release this information in an organized way, it makes me wonder what the premium content is, being I thought half of the list would have been premium.

Pandamobile2721d ago

I love how much their hyping up a stat tracking suite.

gogeta2721d ago

Thanks for the video, this guy gets it spot on. Ridiculous trying to mask up a service details and charging for what really is a stat tracker. Every other company offers this for free.

dillydadally2721d ago

Holy Freak people! READ THE FRICKIN ARTICLE! It IS free! Everything you are protesting is already free! JUST CLICK THE LINK AND READ BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING STUPID!

I am giving everyone here that says they are upset because they are charging for stat tracking one less bubble for being poor members of N4G who come to articles just to attack Activision for their incorrect assumptions and not even reading the articles.

You are protesting something awesome - a completely free stat system just like Bungie. There will be a few added premium services for those who want it (much like Bungie Pro, which gave you a larger file share and converted video to files for you).

Just read the article.

AKissFromDaddy2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Everything should be free. They made a billion with MW2 then with Black Ops. There should be no extra costs at all.

They can afford Servers and COD Elite should be FREE and that's the purpose of this protest. Later....

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