Nintendo's Project Café Will Not Match Wii Success, Say Consultants

Bill Cosby once said that he didn’t really know what the key to success was, but that “the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” While there are dozens of variations of the quote from throughout time, the point of the argument is that one cannot stretch themselves to accommodate everyone. The world is simply too diverse to have an exact pattern that appeals to everyone.

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donniebaseball3526d ago

I tend to agree. Wii caught lightning in a bottle. It's not easy to do. Clearly 3DS isn't doing it. Not sure Project Cafe will either. That's not to say that Project Cafe can't do well, but Wii type success seems unlikely to me.

iamnsuperman3526d ago

As far as the rumours suggest it is not going for the casual gamer so I think it is a safe bet that it will not match the Wii success. The hardcore market has too much competition. The Wii didn't with casual fitness games

Yi-Long3526d ago

... I just care if it will be a succes GAMES-wise!

fluffydelusions3526d ago

"As a gamer, I don't really care if it's a succes SALES-wise..."

I understand what you are getting at but at the same time sales justify game development. So gamers should care how well something sells.

VampiricDragon3526d ago

How do you know the 3ds isnt doing it? It took the ds 2 years to do it........... It took the ps2 years to do took the gba years to do took the gameboy years to do took the ps3/360 years and years to have success.

Research before you stick your foot in mouth

fluffydelusions3526d ago

I just can't imagine how much a controller costs.

theonlylolking3526d ago

That is because casual gamers are not going to be buying games or consoles nearly as much as the hardcore. Nintendo got a whole lot of casuals with the wii and since they wont spend the money for a new console right away which is what happened to the 3ds. Then the only peeps left to buy it are the hardcore.

Nintendo plans on trying to get the hardcore audience back while M$ plans on abandoning them which is what nintendo did but that is only a short lived victory because of the audience you are catering to.

SilentNegotiator3526d ago

Even if it did what Wii did but with more power, it would still be getting itself caught between console generations like the Dreamcast, and wouldn't be QUITE as successful.

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Trroy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I agree. Believing that Nintendo can pull another Wii off is overly optimistic.

I think the device has some potential to woo HD gamers in, but I don't think it'll have the same appeal to the Blue Ocean, this time around.

The Wii was a great kids console -- cheap to leave on standby, reliable, the controllers are easy to use and sturdy, the console was the cheapest of the 3 current gen.. good stuff.

Throw a tactile-feedback LCD touchscreen on the controller (now the controller needs constant charging, which is painful with kids, who are pretty impatient and not very good at planning their gaming time, or managing the charge on their controller), make it priced the same or more than a HD console... Nintendo just disposed of a large portion of the audience they spent the past 5 years capturing.

I thought, for sure, the Wii will remain in production after the Cafe comes out, to keep a hold on the Blue Ocean, but... well the price has gotten pretty low, which is suspicious.

Honky Kong3526d ago

well i think nintendo roped in alot of new fans with the Wii. i bet more than a few housewives will buy the new nintendo.

MinusTheBear3526d ago

And most of those mindless fans got roped into the "new" thing which is Kinect. They are sheep.

zackacloud3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

U mean in future we will face that:


harcores : what happen ??

fanboys : There mario game for project cafe !!

harcores : Oh finally, Of course nintendo won't milking u that much i knew it nintendo must have atoms inside there that caring about gamer and they creating a new mario, right?

fanboys :no IT MARIO KART in HD!!!!!

harcores :Didn't u have enough from mario kart for yeeears in every device from nintendo and last one was in 3DS ?

fanboys:Ammm...mmmmm... actually. Oh No this one in HD with updating graphics more than u can imagine!!!!!

In other hand they suppose not give a shit for graphics and res because the always said HD nothing special on it and graphics not important at all.

VampiricDragon3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

these same people said the wii wouldnt be successful

analysts and knowledge. Dont belong together

In fact I am going through an old egm issue. feb 2005 issue 188. The question was asked of the ds.

What do you think of it so far? ( At this point it had an entire holiday plus january of time)

A: "hmm, can you say virtual boy 2? The ds seems gimmicky to me. Its just akward to use and The launch games are so weak. I have a feeling that hardly any game makers will invent novel uses for the system

A: "The launch titles are dissapointing" "It seems the system is 80 percent old news"

Looking back how silly does shoe sound? Because this is the same guy in the article

The point is. How does he know anything before release, 1 month after release, 2 months after release, 5 months after release, 1 year after release, 2 years after release, 3 years after?

Its all talking out of the anus.

The end result , total system sales, total system unit sold, amount of exclusive games at the end

thats what I care about.

Titanz3526d ago

You owned him!

As for Cafe being as popular as the Wii is...

It will depend on how "innovative" the console actually is.

jacksonmichael3526d ago

Flamebait is important to this industry. It gets people's attention better than Wii Sports.

V0LT3526d ago

This time it's a matter of converting those "old" gamers to purchase another system.

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