Early Copies at Half Price Thanks to Target: Will it Happen Again?

By now, most hardcore gamers have heard the news that some Target stores made a mistake and put Infamous 2 on the shelf early. The clearance shelf in fact. Lucky gamers could pick this title up for a mere $29.56, and some bought multiple copies to turn a profit. This is very similar to their earlier screw up with MLB 11: The Show. Could this happen again, perhaps to another huge release like Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception?

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Dart892789d ago

I hope they mess up for uncharted 3 whos'e with me?

AAACE52789d ago

I was hoping for one of toys r us free $25 gift cards with Uncharted 3, but if this happens again, i'll be there!

Relientk772789d ago

I wonder if the target by me messed up maybe I can get it cheap too