inFamous: Now Free on PSN

The PSN Welcome Back program is reported by many outlets as officially a go. Amongst all the cluster that will exist (expect error o’ plenty) to reach for these games, you are probably asking yourself which ones to get?

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Lazyeye792698d ago

I got it for my first game, but when going to get my second game the it froze and when I restarted it wouldn't allow me to get a second game.

andyboy132698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

WOW me too except the other way around.

Here we go e-back/

*If you do not immediately select your free game after downloading Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 1 or Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 2, you need to perform the following steps in order to claim your free game:
1. Exit PlayStation®Store
2. From the XMB™: select ‘Account Management’ -> ‘Transaction Management’ -> ‘Services List’ -> ‘SCEA Promotion’
3. Select ‘Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 1’ or ‘Welcome Back Free PS3™ Game 2’ (whichever product has remaining uses)
4. Select ‘Select Content’ button and select your game

WhittO2698d ago

Already bought it, great game, worth 2 play through's.

Can't wait for the second!

iPad2698d ago


zeeshan8102698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

7.56 GB :P *downloading now*
finished once :)

egidem2698d ago

I think this is probably the only opportunity to grab this game for free, even if you haven't tried it yet!

I already have a retail copy, platinumed the game and I'm tempted to play it again...this time straight from the PS3 hard drive.

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Prcko2698d ago

donwloading it right nowww

Biggunz2698d ago

maybe your next article can be "Little Big Planet: Now Free on PSN"

NateCole2698d ago

Maybe some people don't know that Infamous is one of the free games?


Those that know but don't know when it it will be made available for download, Hence the NOW Free on PSN?

lil Titan2698d ago

its clearly stated in the welcome back program if people READ

Silly Mammo2698d ago

That is kinda of lame. I mean if you're on N4G and didn't know what the free games are...then you've really spaced out!

NateCole2698d ago

What about others that are not on N4G?. You do know these articles are not written specifically for n4g right?.

JimmyJames702698d ago

Hey! That's a good idea. It's already done!

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The story is too old to be commented.