E3 2011: New Skyrim gameplay details slip out via NeoGAF, "New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details have emerged, covering everything from wielding options to the 13 different types of ore in the game (yes, 13)."

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Bigpappy2788d ago

Yes! I that the economy is complex and that you can affect it. I like that they use the quick travel from Morrowind (have to pay to ride). This is looking sweeter and sweeter. I have to admit, i was worried that they were going to make Oblivion2 since the first sold well. This seems to allow major cutomization, and gives you a huge play ground to do as you please. I am so excited for this game now. Seems like a proper sequel to Morrowind and that is what I was hoping for.

Laxman2162788d ago

Completely agree. However, I really wish that there was no quick travel like Oblivion and Fallout both had. I think making people have to walk thier way to a city to catch a transport was a brilliant way to getting people to actually explore and find things otherwise left untouched and unfound. But I suppose its the players loss if they choose to fast-travle everywhere they go.

Also, the ecconomy system will be great if its done right. I have faith in Bethesda so I think it will be.

Hozi892788d ago

Quick Travel is an option. If you wanna walk the walk. If you wanna use QT then use it. Simple as that.

Everything I'm hearing so far sounds great. I just hope PS3 version has move Support.

Laxman2162787d ago

@ Hozi89
Um yeah, if you read my comment correctly thats what I was trying to say.

It IS an option, but it shouldnt be. Its the individual gamers loss if they dont want to walk a bit, but Bthesda shouldnt allow people to have such a loss. Morrowind was a far greater example of this, allowing for eveyone who played it to experience so much more a game than the mojority of people in Oblivion did.

They're just jumpiong on the bandwagon of making their games more 'accessable', ie, dumbing them down for younger audiences instead of the hardcore fans who have been with them since the start.

schlanz2787d ago

Its the devs job to make the game world interesting and varied enough to make the player NOT want to QT. Its good that its an option for when you've already thoroughly explored and area and don't want to waste 5 minutes walking the same area 10 times.

DaCajun2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

What they should do is make it a trophy/achievement for not QT you whole game to the end and let them know when they try to QT that they wouldn't be able to get the Achievement/trophy. Then it would keep the little kids from doing it because they all seem to be achievement/trophy whores. I could care less about those things I just love wondering aimlessly killing and collecting the rare things you find sometimes.

Edit: I remember Oblivion that my wife compared her game time to mine saying it took her half the time to accomplish things up to a certain point than it did me. Because I killed everything between points A and B and she just QT all the time and told her that's why I had more fun with the game than she did and finished it unlike her who got bored and didn't. Because she did fully take advantage of the whole world. I do have to agree with someone above that Morrowind was a better game than Oblivion too.

snipes1012787d ago

Well the Oblivion-style fast travel is only available for places you have already travelled to. The Morrowind-style on is available right away.

On another note, if you prefer to walk to every city and explore things thoroughly, just don't fast travel. Problem solved.

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Hazmat132788d ago

i hope we can find gold nuggets and like melt them in a like a sword shape ya know? that would be cool!

Breostag2787d ago

That would be EPIC!! *drools*

DaCajun2787d ago

They should introduce real world metallurgy. Like making a sword from steal and oil cooling it gives it certain properties but cooling it with air or water gives it completely different properties. Also mixing different metals together at different percentages causes the metals structure to change and give it different attributes but that would be too much for the ADHD crowd to handle, they just want to mash buttons blindly.

aPerson2788d ago

Can't wait for the E3 demo.

Frak2788d ago

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Neoninja2787d ago

Translation for ya Ismael

guregtiwyr guifrufgrhvrrrhj\\SJYRIMMMMMMM MMMM = Oh my god! Oh my god! This is gonna be one crazy epic game to the point I can't remember English!

If anyone else needs something translated they don't understand feel free to call me!

Veni Vidi Vici2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago ) says there's no hand-to-hand combat anymore. Am I missing something. It's been years since I played Oblivion but wasn't hand-to-hand predominantly the main way to fight people? What's the point of melee weapons if you don't have h2h fighting?

Someone please explain this if I'm missing something here.

Edit: Nevermind. I read a different article that was more descriptive and it made the distinction that it was the H2H "skill" that was removed. Not H2H combat itself.

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