How Awful Is The Duke Nukem Forever Demo? Pretty Awful. - FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: Oh, Duke. We all know about your game's tortured development cycle, eventual death at the hands of your perfectionist creators, and resurrection under the watchful eye of Gearbox (creators of the awesome Borderlands). Now, after fourteen years of development (FOURTEEN!), First Access Club members were given an early download for the Duke Nukem Forever demo, a week and a half ahead of its release at retail. So how is it? In as few words as possible: tragically bad.

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BakedGoods2746d ago

The game's supposed to be for the nostalgia. I honestly wasn't expecting anything more.

TFXR2746d ago

There's a difference between nostalgia and a genuinely good game. This game just can't pull it off.

pedrami912746d ago

Nostalgia alone wont sell this game.

Tommykrem2746d ago

Unfortunately, I think it might. Let's hope there's a little more to it though :)

SRTold2745d ago

It will to me. Anything else is bonus.

2v12746d ago

get ready to pay 60 for nostalgia.

RankFTW2745d ago

I have and can't wait.

chidori6662746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

To be honest, the demo was disappointing. Duke 3D was good at the time when it came out. But the new version just looks like a sequel that comes a decade too late.

DavidMacDougall2745d ago

To be fair tho the gameplay ain't that good either.

gamingdroid2745d ago

I'm gonna wait for the reviews from the full entire game. Unfinished demo's and sometimes gamers rant are hard to believe.

DarkFantasy2746d ago

ugh ok lets get one thing out of the way..

IT DOSE NOT SUCK!!!! IT FEELS LIKE A OLD SCHOOL FPS Duke Nukem Game!!! and that exactly what it's set out to be!! it's not cod,bf,halo,w.e no it's duke nukem and it plays like it!! duke nukem was never for everyone and it will never be duke nukems only flaw is being a old school game in the world of graphics whores and cod noobs trust me the full game probably will be better then the demo.

Heartnet2746d ago

Seems it has more flaws than that lol :) according to this its glitchy and doesnt explain much :)

Also releasing a year old demo is never a good idea..

Celeras2745d ago

It's not great, but it doesn't suck. Reviewer comes off as a nitwit to anyone who actually gave the demo a whirl.. he missed some pretty obvious stuff that makes the crap hes complaining about irrelevant. Baddies be bad.

Livin_in_a_box2745d ago

It's not really glitchy- I played it on PC and in that respect it was fine. But it is just pretty dull and samey. It may appeal to Duke Nukem fans but it seems that who this game was only ever going to appeal to.

SilentNegotiator2746d ago

It almost seems like a game that might have been ground-breaking 14 years ago.....oh right.

O'RLY? The gameplay I've seen doesn't look like it. Nothing looks tight about the gameplay at all.

Sony3602746d ago

Alot of good games have dissapointing demos. I'll wait until the full game is out before writing it off.

Ace_Pheonix2746d ago

Arkham Asylum comes to mind. I hated that demo, but the game ended up being so unbelievably good it blew my mind.

Focker4202746d ago

Played the demo this morning, thought it was quite fun actually. People are obviously taking this game too seriously. It has alot of different stuff to mess around with and I thought the demo was worth playing. Its a game that's definitely worth the rental.

ChrisGTR12745d ago

guys, you REALLY have to play the pc demo, i played the 360 version and thought it sucked ass. then i played the pc one and just about everything wrong was fixed. the graphics werent full of jaggies everywhere and the controls well , mouse n keyboard speaks for itself. suffice to say id give duke on 360 a 4/10 duke on pc a 8/10. pc version is enjoyable, while 360 version effing sucks.

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Son_Lee2746d ago

No matter what, the game was going to disappoint due to the 14-year development limbo it went through.

TFXR2746d ago

To some extent, absolutely. I just didn't predict it'd be this undercooked.

Son_Lee2746d ago

Yeah, I mean we all should reserve judgment until we see the final game, reviews, play it ourselves, etc. But I thought it would be more developed. Of course, I feel like Gearbox wanted to get the game out of the door to avoid all the talk of it being delayed. Maybe the next Duke will be the one we want without having to hear "Duke Nukem" and "delay" in the same sentence every time the subject is brought up.

TFXR2746d ago

Well, like I mentioned, it seems bizarre that Gearbox would put this demo out and NOT have some sort of backlash.

Istanbull2745d ago

Are there still people that think this game had a full 14 year long development cycle? LOL! This game was probably in development for max 2 3 years by Gearbox.

news4geeks2746d ago

yeah I predicted this would be a massive flop to the anger of n4g. I have no reason to think otherwise.

Takoulya2746d ago

I pity the people who were actually expecting this game to be remotely good.

WhiteLightning2746d ago

I honestly couldn't give a shit I've waited a very long time for this, it's coming out next week, I'm going to play the hell out of it and I will enjoy every second.

I mean Half life 3 could come out and end up being shit....would I care, nope because I've been waiting for it for ages.

schlanz2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Except that HL is still in the capable hands of Valve. Not to mention its a way better series than DN could ever hope to be.

Speak of the devil. From the article:
"Interactivity in Duke Nukem Forever feels like a step back to a time before Half-Life 2 existed"

snipes1012745d ago

Well Gearbox happens to make very good games. Brothers in Arms and Borderlands come to mind. I honestly think this site is trying to get hits. The gaming press has been loving it.

Adexus2746d ago

I feel the exact same way, I was pretty pumped up to try it out since I loved the last Duke games but this is just one badly made game... it made me die a little inside.