Who Is and Who Isn’t On The Develop 100?

Take a look at who did--and who didn't make the list for top 100 developers around the world. The companies that crack the top ten, not to mention the weird omissions from the top 100, may surprise you.

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MasFlowKiller2695d ago

naughty dog not in top 10?

iamnsuperman2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

There are a few great developers not in in the top 10. Also because they release more great games in the past means they can be high on the list forgetting that people can change companies/make new ones. Should really have a time period

ATiElite2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"naughty dog not in top 10?"

Naughty Dog didn't release a game in 2010. Gotta read the article bro.

Jazz41082694d ago

Naughty dog is good but they are not the gods outside of the n4g circle they are made out to be on here.

Menech2694d ago

Jazz, don't bother the fact he got so many agree's for not even reading the god dam article shows the general intelligence of this community.

BlmThug2694d ago

Out Of N4G ND Arent Gods.

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RockmanII72694d ago

I don't like that DLC thing, I think they should at least have a separate thing averaging out a development studios combined metascore for console games only. No handheld, no phone, no downloadable, and no dlc. I would be more interested to see that tbh.

Inception2694d ago

*lookin at the list*
TheCodingMonkeys? never heard that name, but it got ranked 10, so it must be special dev who made big tittle...right?

jc485732694d ago

hard to believe Media Vision made it to the top 10.