Hellgate: London Already on Sale

In the Philipines, there have already been reports on stores starting to sell Hellgate: London well before launch on 31st of October. The local distributor have said that they are currently checking this out.

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Douchebaggery4875d ago

is this games coming to x360 in the future?

shotputking4874d ago

i read an interview with bill roper a few months back where he said a 360 version was "in the pipeline", due to the similar architectures of the 360 and pc... so there hopefully will be one eventually, but probably not anytime soon... hopefully now that the pc version is going to be released soon, they'll make some kind of announcement concerning a 360 version.

Leord4874d ago

I isn't unlikely that HGL will hit consoles as well, considering that it is mainly built on rather few skills anyway. It isn't like WoW, that has 40+ skills you need to use on occation.