Big Nintendo exclusive to be revealed on Friday

On Friday Nintendo will be revealing a very special exclusive through official magazines, Nintendo Power (US) and Nintendo Official Magazine (UK).

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BIadestarX5092d ago

uhh uhhh uhh.... Super Mario 8!

Marriot VP5092d ago

i didn't know they came up with another cartoon character.

Maybe it's a turkish miner. You know like Mario being a italian plumber.

Shadow Flare5092d ago (Edited 5092d ago )

it's gonna involve mario and his cronies whatever it is

could it be.....mario croquet? how lame is that

haha imagine if the exclusive was halo? And master chief was mario. pfff hahaa

calderra5091d ago

The site reporting this thinks it's more like a spread on the next Zelda game. Exclusive as in "hot cover story", not as in licensing.

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