STN: The Witcher 2 review

STN Writes:

The Witcher 2 successfully bridges a gap between PC and console games with an accessible control system that is perfectly suited for a game controller and graphics that a console gamer would die for; could this be the game that makes gamers return to their PC’s? Only time will tell, none the less, this is a must have purchase even if you have a minimum spec PC.

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BakedGoods2693d ago

A six-point review scale?

Xristo2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

100/6= 16.666666666666666666666666666 (you get the idea)

16.666666666666666666666666 x 5 =


yah...definitely a weird review scale :P

(matter of fact i don't even see a 5/6 score on the site...just an "Excellent" rating"

wotta2693d ago

Yeah look at the Review Policy.

Xristo2693d ago

Ahhh! Good catch!....didn't notice the hyperlink...thanks

ATiElite2693d ago

..........this is a must have even if you don't have a PC. go "acquire" a PC then go BUY The Witcher 2.