Rockstar Games Updates the Social Club with Badge Tracker

Rockstar Games has just announced that the DLC 'The Badge Pursuit Challenge' has been updated with a tracker, available through The Social Club. This, along with the other DLC announced this week, will ensure that L.A. Noire fans get the best gaming experience.

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frozzenfire2692d ago

ugh.. i better pick this up...

ZBlacktt2692d ago

This game is very well done I must say. I'm on mission 14 now and just loving the game. You can kind of get the feel of a GTA game in this environment for sure.

I stopped playing for a few days because I got inFanmous 2 the other day. Now that is a well done killer game!!!!

RankFTW2692d ago

Here guys check this out, it's great if you are looking for anything.

bakagaijin782692d ago

Great link, it will help with those film reels that have been a pain to find. Thanks!