Why You’ll Pay for the NGP, According to Sony

Kotaku: Sony's new gaming portable is priced just right, at least in the company's eyes. In fact, the NGP's price was determined before they started designing the dual-thumbstick portable.

While Sony Computer Entertainment's head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida declined to tell Kotaku the official price for the NGP, something we suspect may be unveiled at E3 next week, he did talk about the reasoning behind how they set that price, how their new gaming device learned from some of the missteps of the Playstation Portable and what the executive makes of rival Nintendo's lackluster 3DS sales.

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-Mezzo-2789d ago

Will not pay more than $400. =]

Misterhbk2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I'll pay whatever the cost is. I know it'll be worth it. 5-6 years ago when the PS3 launched I was 16 years old and no way in hell i could afford it but if I'd been in the same position I am now (financially) then yes I would have paid the 600 simply because the hardware is worth the price.

@ disagrees
LOl I'm glad you guys know what position I'm in financial to be able to disagree with me saying that its worth the price to 'me'

EYEamNUMBER12789d ago

the ps3 was NOT worth the 600 dollar price when it launched not 1 bit later on down the road that obviously changed but at launch it wasn't worth 600 dollars

that is why i disagreed with you

as for the NGP i say its gonna end up being 300 for the standard version and 350 for the 3G version im calling it

Misterhbk2789d ago


you're right it wasn't worth 600. It was worth a lot more than that. Read what my comment said. The 'HARDWARE' was worth beyond more than 600. Maybe in your opinion the software wasn't there to justify the price, but hardware wise it had EVERYTHING that has only recently become stand in devices.

darthv722789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

we all apply value differently to things. At first the ps3 game quality was not worth the price sony was asking in spite of the cost of its technical specifications.

Expectations play a part in value as well. NGP will be well worth its weight in build quality but it is not its construction that it will be judged by. It will be its games and features.

Eu2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


In 2006 you were buying in one single machine:
a PSone+PS2+PS3+multimediahub+Bl darthv72 said, its a matter of perspective, but since you generalise, your point is invalid.

It was and still is worth the money I spent on it.

OT: Im still thinking if I will or not buy this....looks good so far.

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TheDivine2789d ago

I wont pay more than 250 maybe 300 if its that dope. It is not nearly as powerful as a ps3 so it should be cheaper. I love the 3ds (my bro has one), its graphics are dope and the 3d is acually mind blowing but its more expensive than a 360 lol. Il get both eventually but wont pay but maybe 175-200 4 3ds and 250 maybe 300 4 ngp. If ngp has cfw im in day one, its the reason to own a psp and it better have ps2 games on it like ffx-ff12, persona 4, mgs3 exc.

Gunshot2789d ago

Agreed, anything more is just plain price gouging.

remanutd552789d ago

$249.99 wifi version , $299.99 3G version

metsgaming2789d ago

That is exactly where i want it to be. Any higher then i want uncharted bundled with it.

ksense2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

i am going to go one step ahead and say imagine they sell it like a phone where you buy it for 200$ with a year of 3g service from at&t for like 20$/month. obviously at&t sucks but the rumor is that they may be providing the 3g service.

Close_Second2789d ago

Then add on 3G and memory card costs. Should be called NGC (not going cheap). Will look at things a year or two after its released like I did with the PS3.

AllroundGamer2789d ago

i hope Sony is reading your comment and counts all the agrees :)

remanutd552789d ago

best thing we can do is all of us take this matter to the playstationblog share and vote , even though i think they are not gonna change their decision at this point , 2 more days to find out how much are we gonna spend on the system , anyways it does look impressive

meganick2789d ago

Those would be good prices. Also, expect Nintendo to drop the price of the 3DS by about 50 bucks before Vita (NGP) hits stores.

pain777pas2789d ago

Remannutd55 has delivered the "d'uh winning" post.

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koehler832789d ago

I don't want to hear anything about the price until I hear the price.

user8586212789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

£250 at most!!, never paid anything more then that for any handheld or phone

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