Humor: No ammo for Modern Warfare 3?

Gamingbolt has found evidence that MW 3's weapons will not be fueled by ammunition, see the link for a funny image!


This article was meant to be a humor/offbeat sort of image that poked fun at the difference in detail between the screenshots of the 2 games.

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Eternus2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Hilarious. A true testiment to DICE's commitment and attention to detail.

iamnsuperman2721d ago

True but apparently in BF3 he is loading in one round. At least it was better than COD but this could be an oversight (just this scene)

iamnsuperman2721d ago

@Eternus "Defending COD" Did you even read through my comment (it wasn't that long). Here I will post it again for you "True but apparently in BF3 he is loading in one round. At least it was better than COD but this could be an oversight (just this scene)" I made a valid point I said BF3 seems to load one round but at least it is better than COD........Also COD could also be a glitch yet to iron out (like BF3's)

Joe29112721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

No it's called not being an an*l ba*stard that pauses the video to check if there is actual bullets in the round.

I like MW and BF, shoot me, don't defend either game, just support them both.

Kee2721d ago

The whole premise of this article is ridiculous.

Clearly neither game is ready to release yet, so such finicky details are irrelevant.

Written by: (drum-roll) Battlefield-fanboy101

Only geeks of the highest order are even remotely gonna let this affect the purchase of a game.

My friend, you pass at being eagle-eyed, but sadly fail at life...

jeseth2721d ago

I'm starting to think there is some kind of Battlefield Fanboyness going on.

As for this article. . . .WHO CARES!!!

I wonder if/when BF becomes the cultural gaming icon COD has become if they will move to some other underdog shooter and start hating on BF the way they hate on COD.

Both games are a blast. Watch BF fans pick on COD is like watching Orioles fans complain about the Yankees or Red Sox, f'ing hilarious.

fullymoated2721d ago

Thank you jeseth
So true

An article about call of duty and the very first comment is about Dice's commitment and attention to detail.

BF3 fanboys are giving BF3 a bad name

Downtown boogey2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

"One round"???
How dumb can you be??????????

You happen to watch Invisible Walls?

snipes1012720d ago

I agree with Jeseth in that I think it is stupid to rip on a popular franchise for no good reason. You hate activision? Fine! So do a lot of people. But that (unfortunately) does not mean they don't publish some good games.

Bobby Kotick (or however you spell his name) = Dick

COD = Good

BF3 = Good

Fanboys that argue about the games despite the fact that they aren't going to change sales of either game in the least bit? = F*ucking annoying

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shiver1302721d ago

The magazine is upside down that's why you don't see any bullets. If you watch the trailer again he flips it before putting it into the gun...

B-radical2721d ago

Its not upside down if you watch the video PROPERLY you will see when the guy throws the amo there is a black thing on the amo clip now when he loads the gun look again where the black thing on the ammo clip is. All he does is twist the ammo clip its not upside down. Allthough its not a big deal little details are nice to have

fanboi hater2721d ago

Of course there isn't any bullets you have to pay for them this is activision we're talking about. lol

karamanci2720d ago

I will expect it from Activision

irepbtown2720d ago

I would expect it from EA.

Think, all this 'Buy new to get online' bullshit, i'm sure you've all played Fifa 11.

Dont get me wrong, I am a huge Battlefield fan but sorry EA, Online should remain how it use to be, NOT via a bloody code.

lil Titan2720d ago

these people have been on Reddit

SuicideShaun2720d ago

You do know that when there is a round in a clip you won't see the ones underneath it. Not trying to argue, just stating a fact.

@jeseth but I like the orioles and I don't hate other teams lol.

jeseth2720d ago

Hahaha. I'm a Sox fan but I still like the O's. Camden Yard is BEAUTIFUL . .. . one of the best ballparks in all of MLB.

I was more making light of the silly (usually alcohol induced)arguments some of my friends get into. Mostly the way people hate on whoever is on top whether it be sports, video games, music, etc. As soon as something becomes "mainstream" and extremely popular it sucks and people start to try to find the obscure romantic alternative.

Back to the O's . . . they need to start spending some $$$ because I'd love to see them compete for the AL East . . . like the Ripken/Anderson days.

chriski3332720d ago

That's funny as hell just goes to show u that battlefield 3 will be a much better quality game battlefield 3 all the way baby

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lugia 40002721d ago

It will be fueled by jelly.

Kon_Artist 2721d ago

not defending cod or anything but past cod games like cod4 had bullets in the clip and i know that for a fact, black ops has bullets in the clip too so i am guessing mw3 will have them too. i guess they didnt pay attention to it in the trailer.

irepbtown2720d ago

It's a joke, ofcourse there'll be bullets.
The article was just mocking COD,
and in a sense, praising BF for attention for detail.

Rearden2721d ago

Not at all. Bullets will be sold separately as DLC.

Dart892721d ago

ROTFLMFAO wats it shoot bubbles??:D

Upbeat2721d ago

lmfao, thats why so many people sponge in mw2. You like the way i made that into a pun :)

Cablephish2720d ago

Don't look now but it seems you could use some. ;P