E3 2011: AT&T Partnering with Sony for NGP 3G?

IGN- Inside source says an E3 meeting with game makers is in the works.

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DA_SHREDDER4561d ago

It not only be big, but very bad. AT&T is the worst possible service for the 3g. Sony can't do anything right these days.

ksense4561d ago

well apple/iphone did something right with the "worst possible 3g service". So maybe sony can expect the same sort of "failure" like the iphone with the ngp

fluffydelusions4561d ago

Yeah. I'll just stick to Wifi only version and create a hotspot on my Android device.

Joni-Ice4561d ago

I hope its Verizon. Dont like AT&T.

darthv724561d ago

you have to commit to a service when purchasing the 3g model. I would like to buy the 3g model without signing up for the service.

I know there will be a non 3g model but i am wanting to get the complete unit and have the option to use the service.

I couldnt get att to sell me an iphone without committing to a data plan. technically, the iphone can use wifi for data so that really upset me when they said I HAD to have one of their $30 +/- data plans on top of a voice plan.

If you intend to use it for the bare minimum then you shouldnt be penalized into settling for the lesser model.

NoOoB1014561d ago

@ darth
There is an article about verizon changing there data plans. Something about one plan and all devises on your plan can share it. So hopefully that is true so i can still keep my current plan and share it with a 3g model of ngp..if it is even for verizon =/


SoapShoes4560d ago

Verizon and AT&T suck... I'll bet they'll both charge $50 a month and give you a cap on how much you can use it. ROFL!! Overpriced piles of garbage if you ask me, every phone company in the U.S. SUCKS!

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remanutd554561d ago

noooooooo AT&T sucks big time !!!

NoOoB1014561d ago

>< this would be very disappointing if true

Neko_Mega4561d ago

AT&T Blows, but I wouldn't be shock if they make it where you can pick to go throught AT&T or Verizon.

Seeing Verizon has Sony's phone or maybe that might be why the NGP isn't with Verizon.

Don't care, I will use Wifi over 3G or 4G anytime.

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Rolling the Dice: Do Modern RPGs Miss the Point of Team-Based Play?

It seems it was long time ago. A bunch of friends spending hours on end playing RPG games, sitting around the table with the box of cold pizza. Excited about the story, listening to the Game Master, they were completely engaged in the worlds only visible to them and their imaginations.

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Takwin2475d ago

The GM is the programmer, and in MMOs and co-ops, you can play with others. If you want to ONLY use your imagination for the visuals, read a book.


Record of Agarest War 2 announced for PS3

Scrawl: "Looks like we know how that new Compile Heart countdown is going to end. The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed that Agarest Senki 2, known as Record of Agarest War 2 in the US, is Compile Heart’s newest title."

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Godmars2904920d ago

1) Hope they put it on disc this time.
2) Hope this is a positive for Neptune coming over as well.

Demons Souls4920d ago

If so, that's being developed & published by Idea Factory. Compile Heart has nothing to do with it (Thank God for that).

Godmars2904920d ago (Edited 4920d ago )

Thought Compile Heart was one of the companies lending characters.

Was also speaking in general as in regards to a US of Neptune. If these guys are offing a second game, NIS or Atlus, both of whom offer quirkier titles, will put that one out.

My issue isn't - wholly - with the DL-only option, but the price. The first game should be $30. Maybe $40, and by that I mean $39.99. The only reason its $45 is the 360 disc version which has extras. Nevermind that by all rights its a PS2 game. Something that proabbly could have been done if the devs had the GOW2 engine or tools.