TheJoypads: E3 2011 Predictions

"The official start of E3 is now only days away, The Joypads has been posting E3 related news all week along with our “Favourite Moments” feature. In case you’re not already aware, the E3 conferences begin Monday (7th June), with Microsoft at 5pm BST and Sony later that evening at midnight BST. The next day we’ll see what Nintendo have to offer at their conference, which is 8th June at 5pm BST. The Joypads staff are looking forward to these conferences, and have made our own predictions of what we each expect to see from each conference."

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Rikan2693d ago

I want to hear about:

1. The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim (My most anticipated game, and likely game of show.)

2. Thief V

3. Hitman 5

4. Halo 4 or Halo CE remake. Something Halo anyways lol

5. Uncharted 3 (I hope its better than the 2nd one)

6. A PC exclusive(s) (would be nice, but unlikely)

It will be a great show for all three companies really.