EA Can't Beat Call of Duty

Jake Weston from gamrFeed - "Before we get into this argument, I should clarify one thing: This is not about which game will be better. This is about the numbers, and that there is simply no chance that Battlefield 3's sales will come even close to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's, and here's why."

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Dart892791d ago

I want quality not a crappy a$$ game that looks like from 2007.

EYEamNUMBER12791d ago

i lol at people that say BF3 is a quality game before even playing the thing its just like when they showed medal of honor all over again

ATiElite2791d ago

even if DICE just pumped up the graphics and the game ran like BF2 then it would be a quality game.

DICE has been near flawless on the PC side ever since BF 1942. I have no doubts BF3 will be a quality game.

Ser2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

The Battlefield franchise has been gracing my PC ever since BF1942.

Not ONCE have I played a bad Battlefield title. Not once. They've all been great for me. (Okay, except for 1943, I didn't like that one a lot. It was DLC, so that may explain my disliking it.)

BF1942, BF'NAM, BF2, BF2142 - I love them all.

WombBat2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

COD is a good series, but there havent been significant changes since the original MW.

that being said, battlefield will not sell as much as COD. COD has entered the realm of casual games IMO

ive never played a battlefield game, but all my friends love it.

finbars752790d ago

I think it sucks that EA can't beat the COD franchise due to the narrow minded gammers who are afraid to try a game that takes skills to play.Arcade shooters like COD have pretty much ruined what real fps could be.Once narrowed minded gammers learn that there is more out there then COD then the gamming world i'n fps is going to be more stale then my dead grandmothers dentures.I think that companys out there are trying to open gammers eyes but the next gen gammers are just to slow to learn that there's more out there then what you see.I hope games like B3,Rage,Drakes ,Elder scrolls Ect. will leave a mark i'n the gamming world for those who are blind to see past cod.

DirtyLary2790d ago

IT's true it can't. COD is casual easy. Tried to get my friends to play BC2, even bought them copies. All went back to COD in a day. To much effort require to play.

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alousow2791d ago

BF3 is a quality game.MW3 same old stuff maybe new guns new perks and thats about

xtremegamerage2790d ago

I've played every bf game and tbh they have all been quality games.

Ser2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"Before we get into this argument, I should clarify one thing: This is not about which game will be better. This is about the numbers,"

Stopped reading there.

I couldn't care less about the numbers, I know which game will be better.

Merivigian2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.