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Keith Olbermann2693d ago

God I wish. Diablo should come to all platforms though. Its that good.

vsr2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Diablo 1 on PS1

So Diablo3 on PS3 is an easy choice

Some xbox lovers are commenting like PC supporters

kwicksandz2693d ago

hope not. D3 should not be gimped by 512 mb and console limitations

Persistantthug2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

When programed with care, games that run on a console's 512MB of ram, can be roughly equivalent to a PC's 1-2GB of ram.

For example:

AC1: Console = 512MB....PC = 1GB
AC2: Console = 512MB....PC = 1.5GB
Cryis 2: Console= 512MB...PC= 2GB
Arkham Asylum: Console = 512MB.....PC = 1GB
HOMEFRONT: Console = 512MB....PC = 2GB
Dead Space 2: Console = 512MB....PC = 1GB
PORTAL 2: Console = 512MB....PC = 1GB

Those are the min ram specs for said PC games.
Since Console devs employ tricks like Disk streaming, and then, at least in the PS3's case, it can also employ it's Harddrive for VIRTUAL RAM.

So consoles are fine and Diablo 3 will be fine too.
Hopefully they can add CROSS PLATFORM PLAY like Valve....that would be fun. :)

grailly2693d ago

well, you're dumb... I guess you're a PC loyalist, but you don't know that blizzard makes games that can run on most PC anyway. They are pretty games, but it's just the art that makes them pretty, concoles will be able to run diablo 3 without a problem

Optical_Matrix2693d ago

This would be huge if Sony announced this at their press conference on Monday. Until that time though, we can merely speculate.

guigsy2693d ago

They should probably concentrate on getting the PC version done first.

fluffydelusions2693d ago

I thought they said it was more or less completed about a month ago?

jrbeerman112693d ago

I doubt that, blizzard is never done with a game, they will take 10 years if needed. Is there even a release date yet?

Godmars2902693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Honestly cant imagine them not doing a 360 version if they're putting it on the PS3. Unless there's some actual issue.

Also expect that PC gamers are only going to be pissed if this happens.

Naw, Diablo is a much bigger and recognized IP and Blizzard/Activision loves money. If it was a money/exclusivity issue, MS would have won.

fluffydelusions2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

It's likely the same reason Witcher 2 is only going to 360...they were paid for exclusive rights. Either way, I doubt it's true.

ksense2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I honestly don't think Microsoft paid for exclusive rights for witcher. It was just faster and easier for cdprojekt to port to the 360 first and I am pretty sure they will release it for the ps3 next year. cdprojekt don't seem like they do half assed ports with the care they took for the pc version. They figured they need more time to learn the ps3 architecture and come out with a good port so they decided to release it first on xbox while the game is still fresh in people's minds. if it was exclusive you would have seen it on the trailer coming "exclusively" to 360 and Microsoft would have sounded the trumpets off if it was exclusive.

SuperLupe2693d ago

CDProjekt is a small PC studio. Pretty obvious why Witcher 2 isnt on PS3. You know some devs aint ready to go through the hassle of developing for "THE CELL!!!".

Persistantthug2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

paid situation.

That Polish dev team is very PC centric and I think they are somewhat small too.

THE WITCHER 1 wasn't on either console and if you'll take notice, you'll see that many smaller European Developers are the same way, like Haemimont Games (Tropico), JoWooD Entertainment (publisher of GOTHIC series), and Reality Pump (Two Worlds 1).

It isn't that these studios got incentivised by Microsoft, it's that they don't KNOW HOW to develop for the PS3, and most of them barely know how to develop for the XBOX 360 because their ported games often run like hell.

So try not to be so hard on them....they only suck at porting because they're small and still learning.

Edit....but here's the good news....If a game comes out late to the PS3, Sony demands they put extra content for said game....Like Command & Conquer: REd Alert 3 (PS3 version got ULTIMATE EDITION), MASS EFFECT 2 (Got comic and all DLC on disk for free).
So if THE WITCHER 2 does make it to the PS3, we'll probably get the upcoming DLC for free. :)

guigsy2693d ago

Nah, I think if it happens it will come to both consoles. They're probably hiring a PS3 specialist because they don't know the console that well. They can probably port it to the 360 themselves.

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Alos882693d ago

360 gets The Witcher 2, PS3 gets Diablo 3... and hopefully both are timed exclusives so everybody wins in the end.

Bigpappy2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

There will also be 'TrochLight 2' and 'civilization' ports. Some PC ports are well worth it.

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