Official Playstation Magazine UK review scores - inFamous 2, L.A. Noire, Brink

SystemLink: "A slew of new reviews awaits you within the latest silky pages of the Official Playstation Magazine UK, as Issue 59 starts making the rounds today. A 'World Exclusive' review of inFamous, a surprisingly high Brink score, and a slightly belated L.A. Noire verdict, and more, can be found within the magazine:"

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redDevil872791d ago

inFamous 2 - 9
Red Faction: Armageddon - 6
Brink - 8
L.A. Noire - 9
Sniper: Ghost Warrior - 6
Persona 3 Portable (PSP) - 8
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - 8

Wasn't expecting inFamous to get anything else :D

Kind of surprised about RF:A though

ian722791d ago

I am also suprised with RF:A score. The demo is good and if the game is just the same, then 6 is a little low.
Also Brink getting 8 seems a bit high. A lot of people don't think its that good.
I have L.A.Noire and 9 seems about right, with what I've played so far.

clank5432791d ago

Yeah, I thought the demo was a solid 7. However, if that is the entire game and they just rinse and repeat all the gameplay, then I can see why it got lower.

despair2791d ago

seems RF:A is either for you or not, not much middle ground from the drastically varying reviews I've read.

Game0N2791d ago

yea i thought red faction looked promising! infamous game of the year nominee!

matt_hooper2791d ago

inFamous demo...sick! Can't wait for Tuesday.

Kakihara2791d ago

Dammit, no score for Alice - Madness returns?? I'm really desperate to hear more about that game since the first awful review. I need to know if it's average at least, if it is I'm buying it just for the art direction but if every other review is as damning as the first I might save my money.