E3 2011: Microsoft and Tritton Team Up for New Xbox 360 Headsets

Wireless gaming headphones afford players freedom to roam, but Xbox 360 users have always been tethered to their controller via the require chat cable, until now.

Microsoft has teamed up with Tritton to produce a series of cobranded headsets, which will offer unparalleled integration with the Xbox 360, including on-screen battery status and 100-percent wire-free functionality with both game audio and chat.

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Kon2696d ago

So that was the new accessory that everyone was talking about...

DaCajun2696d ago

Tritton has gone down hill since MadCatz bought them last year don't waste your money on their crap. The real gamers out there know that anything that MadCatz get there hands on goes to shit. They only make crap.

BioRevenant2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Tritton is just part of Madcatz now. Tritton still makes the headsets and they're still quality.

Corepred42696d ago

They do have wireless headsets for the 360. But these sound interesting.

THWIP712696d ago

...because the Warheads sound f'ing awesome. 100 % included...AND rechargeable battery packs. Tritton makes nice stuff, so I'm sold.

CarnageXB2696d ago

So this is the xbox 360 hardware that was suppose to announced today. Sorry I'm not interested. "will not exceed $300". I wouldn't spend over $100 for a pair of gaming headphones

ThrazN72696d ago

they never said hardware.

BioRevenant2696d ago

Have fun with your shit headsets that sound like you've put a garbage can over you head then bro. You get what you pay for.

Morbius4202696d ago

My $60 Aiwa headphones look and feel way more comfortable than those and the sound is awesomee even though they're 5+ years old.

CarnageXB2696d ago

I have a pair of turtle beach headsets, and a pair of sharkoon head sets that I got free for review. They both produce spectacular sound. I don't see the need to pay over $100 for something I can get for $60 that does the same thing. I don't need 7.1 "fake" surround sound or them to be wireless and have to charge them often

BioRevenant2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

@CarnageXB Virtual surround is better then true surround (for headsets) in some aspects.... do your research. I have a $70 pair of turtle beaches and they sound hollow and feel cheap as hell.

EDIT: @Morbius because you have wore these headsets and know your Aiwas are more comfortable, Amirite? *facepalm*

PRHB HYBRiiD2696d ago

wow the look really really sexy

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