3DS vs PS2: Snake Eater Comparison Video

A video showing both the 3DS and PS2 versions of Snake Eater. Go on and decide which platform plays it better.

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Thegoodfriar3519d ago

I'm shocked how good the 3DS looks, although stereoscopic 3D still doesn't have me sold.

I'm really interested to see how the Vita pans out over E3.

StbI9903519d ago

Why are people saying 3ds looks worse than the ps2 ver? cus it is sincerelly not, also noticed how the ps2 box was smaller and bad compressed, darker unvivid colors while the 3ds all the contrary.

Anyway, kojima already told there will be further version coming to ngp, from zone of ender and metal gear hd collection, both having tranfaring, ngp is the obvious winner lol.

And no, if snake eater is what we are talking boutta of, 3d aint adding sht to it, shame it is essential.

NukaCola3519d ago

Adding mini QTEs and features utilizing the 3DS is cool. I like the photo camo feature. But overall the 3D is not impressive and the slightest movements turn the 3D into a giant headache.

hakis863519d ago

So... by producing PS2-like graphics the 3DS is.. the PSP undercover?!

I'm sure the 3DS has new games that looks stunning, but this looked very identical to me (3DS somewhat sharper, some re-touched textures), not that impressive IMO. Sorry =(

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kalebgray923519d ago

the 3ds is a beast but im still shocked the ps2 looks this good for such an old system... well old in tech years.... no take that back old period.... e3 cant wait... project cafe gonna end the console war until 2013

pain777pas3519d ago

PS2 version is better. The foilage is better and the lighting seems to be better. There was better animation or physics for the backpack before jumping out of the plane. Other than that It is close I mean very close but not quite.

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Ashira3519d ago

This is not really a fair comparison as you can't see the 3D effects on the 3DS version.
Best bet: find it in your local store and try it on the real 3DS system. It's a trade-off between graphics and 3D effects.

jacksonmichael3519d ago

There should be 3D videos available on the eShop in 3 days... I don't think that has much to do with it though. My complaints would be about the lack of colour saturation. Especially in the faces near the start.

sarshelyam3519d ago

3D effects aren't going to make the game look "better", simply "different". So yes, viewing the side-by-sides in 2D is not only completely fair, but the standard at which 3DS games should be measured considering 3D is merely a feature, not a requirement. One which some don't prefer, and others can't even utilize.

Sunhammer3519d ago

It does. It's easy to say the 3DS is "up to par" when the screen is so small.

Klaykid1233519d ago

In SOME cases it looks as good or even better, but around 28 seconds, the guys flapping suit does look a LOT better on the 3DS. I don't like the Red-heads hair on the 3DS as much, but the white haired guy (Snake?) looks better on 3DS. Not to mention the cockpit looks smoother.

Eamon3519d ago

lol, if you're referring to the old man with the grey hair and a scar his face, that is not Snake.

That's Zero.

Klaykid1233519d ago


Sorry, not big of a MGS story follower, only have MGS4 and can't get into it. I'm such a failure at sneaking around >.<

dead_eye3519d ago

Thats the only bit that I thought looked better

Awesome-Xanto3519d ago

I think they look about the same really, and that's without the 3D... even if the 3DS is no NGP, it's still a pretty powerful system. This is a port of an old game and it looks good, so I'm waiting to see developers actually push the system to its limits.

Shok3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

PS2 version is slightly more detailed and sharper, which is weird cause I remember the very first 3DS-PS2 comparison with the 3DS version looking much better.

But I'm sure the 3D effect will make it look much better.

EDIT: Snakes flapping jacket looks a lot better on 3DS, just noticed.

dktxx23519d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I've seen screenshots where the 3ds version was clearly superior. This one (especially the screenshot)the ps2 looks a bit better apart from a thing or two.

Trroy3519d ago

Its the resolution that makes it look sharper. There are about 4x as many pixels in the original PS2 image, and a downsampled clip will make it look like everything is cleaner, similar to having a really good AA technique.

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