Crysis demo slips one day, new surprise expected

Alex Marschal, Crytek Community Manager, has provided all Crysis fan sites with an update on the demo situation:

"The demo is going to be released officially on Friday, October 26th at 1:00PM (GMT+1). It will be exclusively available for those who pre-ordered Crysis for about 24 hours via the EA downloader. On Saturday, October 27th at 1:00PM the demo will be put online for download an all public sites, so keep tracking your favourite fan site."

"The upcoming Singleplayer Demo including the Sandbox2 Editor is not the only surprise you can expect from us. Stay tuned for another news message sooner than you might think!"

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this game is sorry, why are they still showing it, the graphics are truly nothing new, and are middle gen before next gen, give this game up, its garbage

nobizlikesnowbiz4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )


<ed.> Crysis not next gen? How? DX10? I'll give you the nothing groundbreaking except for graphics...

I really haven't kept up with it so I don't know if it has any cool features other than looking spectacular...


terms of regular graphics, like as in still no separation of prerender and realtime, in other words, the graphics look a long way from cg, the only shooter that looks like cg, and a movie is killzone 2, that is next gen, but crysis does look nice

and dont try to say that dumb,"a console cant do what a pc can do" garbage, cause ps3 isnt a console, so pc is outta rank with the endless supercomputing ps3

nobizlikesnowbiz4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

Eh. Whatever you say fanboy.

<ed.> I don't PC for anything other than throwback Bf42 games. Thats it. I'm calling you a fanboy bc of your "Ps3 supercomputer" blind comment.

You need to grow up asshole.

theox2g74879d ago

Yes we pc fanboys can go on ranting about how ur console and so called cell cannot do what a pc does because its a FACT, get ur facts right aizen, and also have ur eyes checked please,
hmm, let me think, do u recall a 2005 heavenly sword teaser demo showcased fyi sucker, it was running on a pc not a ps3 with 60 fps, and then 2 years later the game comes out with framerate issues,
i'm not saying the ps3 isnt powerful cos the cell is a beast but with pcs there's no limit but bcos of the nature and flexibility of pcs, most games are first designed on the pc and then ported back to the console with a few things dummed down to achieve playable framerates, lookup gears of war

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Korosuke4881d ago

my most anticipated game of this year.

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