Prepare to Die With this New Dark Souls Trailer and Release Date

Hopefully you've recovered a bit from your Demon's Souls thrashing because the spiritual successor to the 2009 sleeper hit is about to kick your face in later this year. Lauded as being even harder than its predecessor, Dark Souls finally has a solid release date.

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rmoar2693d ago

Hope it's as brutal as Demon Souls, if so, I'm very excited.

BiggCMan2693d ago

It definitely will be, the developers have already said so. Also, this trailer has been out for close to a month, i'm not sure why its being called new. The one shown last night on GTTV was new, and looked amazing. I will post an interview of From Software, and the new GTTV trailer from last night.


GTTV trailer from last night:

honestpizza2693d ago

you have no idea how pumped i am for this game!

GunofthePatriots2693d ago

Soul of the lost withdrawn from it's vessel. Let Strength be granted to the world might be the world might be mended.

dc12693d ago (Edited 2693d ago ) the world might be mended

Xbox only players... boy, you have no idea whats in store for you!!!

kza2693d ago

Its hard to imagine how this can be better than demons souls but i SO hope it is. Cant wait!

blahblah2693d ago

simple... make it open world, make character class choice actually matter, make weight play role in speed, make game on p2p network to avoid psn lag crap, copy rest from demon's souls.


hey, they did that already with dark souls;)

Cwalk8162693d ago

Then it would be any other crappy MMO.

Der_Kommandant2693d ago

Sticky white stuff everywhere

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The story is too old to be commented.