How MS will make XBL and Kinect better

Microsoft is working hard to improve 10-million selling motion sensing add-on Kinect so that the games you play feel and control better.

Improvements made by Microsoft to the way the Xbox 360 works with Kinect mean it will detect finger movement – and even pointing.

Eurogamer sources have indicated that gamers should see "pretty big improvements" in the short term via new software updates.

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darthv722695d ago

that there would be improvements to the software. The hardware is capable and it is with good software that these abilities are brought forth.

Just look at how the evolution of the ps3 or 360 has progressed through the software from launch to now. Same hardware people. Just better software. Kinect is no different.

Inzo2695d ago

What do you mean make kinect "better"? I thought the kinect was the be all and end all of gaming.

taylork372695d ago

I would love to see a link to someone who said that.

Inzo2694d ago

no need for a link, just watch M$ 2010 E3 conference.

Chocoboh2695d ago

10 million sales is pretty impressive but I'd be disapointed to see nothing less when they had a $500 million in advertising. The only downside is that Microsoft will focus more on Kinect then the Xbox over all since it's their new toy and has done well.

user8586212695d ago

Show me gameplay of

Codename D
Star Wars
Project Draco
Rise of Nightmares
Steel Battalion

edhe2695d ago

Guessing you want majornelson to PM you links, right?

Godmars2902695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Certainly haven't been doing it directly, by say, offering games which proves that it even works in the first place.

No seriously: Kinect/Natal started off more than a year - two? - before it was released as being shown as a working product. Quotes from a number of devs talking up its "potential." Then it was released amid a Vegas level circus show and forced cult worship with signs of potential coming from hacks and mods on PC rather than official games, none of which were done by the devs who talked it up. New nearly a year later and we're still pretty much waiting for signs of promised potential when its most noted "game" is Dance Central.

And now they're talking about making it better via updates when first generation Kinect titles - such as waseem335 has listed - have yet to be solidly shown, only talked about?

Motion control has already proven to be pointless with the Wii - why continue this crap?!

B1663r2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Notice how all the big games are release in october, november, and december? That is because those are the big months for video game consoles and games. That way you are releasing and advertising games when people are likely to buy them.

If they wait until the next advertising blast kicks off, all the kinect games will get a boost.

Never release a new product before labor day and all that.

Also, 1/2 a year isn't almost a year. It is about 6 months. Thats right, the Kinect has been plaguing kinect haters for only half a year. We are still in that awkward time where the big money was going to be kept off the table to see if the thing was going to be a success. Well its been a success, and the tidal wave of games will start coming this fall.

Godmars2902695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Half a billion dollars isn't big money...

And while you're pondering that bit of economics, ask yourself what other systems had shown and put out within a six month span. What games were being talked about an demoed before a systems launch.

Then remind yourself that Kinect is only an add-on. That for what it actually is and for the amount of time its been talked about, shown off, the amount of money invested, its been cut too much slack.

[email protected]:
Not saying you're wrong, but MS has had two years to develop Kinect games. They had two years to get their 2nd party devs to make Kinect games.

I'm not complaining about game system that's only been out for six months, I'm complaining about a game system add-on that's been talked about and shown working two years before it was actually released. That was given $500m to sell it.

gamingdroid2695d ago

The fact is that it takes most developers at least 2-years to develop a game, NO scratch that, I meant A SEQUEL!

Just look at all these games:

- CoD
- Gears of War
- Infamous
- Uncharted
- Mass Effect

Different game, same story. At least 2-years for core games with known gameplay mechanic, re-use of the same engine, re-use of artwork and just about re-use of everything else.

Yet, you are complaining about a product that has been out about 6-months. The product itself whom has only been conceived maybe 3-years ago. Only some of the developers have even had the very early dev-kits for 2-years and to top it off, developers/publisher want to see adoption before investing. Only a moron would invest simply because of technology sake....

Even if they had great stuff, they aren't going to show it to you until they are closer to release it for competitive reasons. Amateurs don't have to worry about that competition and do stuff for fun.

The fact that you have seen quality titles from MS and a host of great ideas from the community speaks volume of the potential. I challenge you to show me something as exciting and with as many new ideas as Kinect with anything from any of the other two?

I am very excited to see what MS is bringing E3 this year in regards to Kinect after reading that article.

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