Rumor: Microsoft holds the key to a better Kinect…and will share it soon!

The whole notion of having Kinect bettered by means of software upgrades is not new. In fact it all started back in December last year with a rumor that Microsoft would quadruple the accuracy of the Kinect sensor via a software update. It seems that, almost a year later, this update is finally being pushed through! And this is a big thing,

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Godmars2902696d ago

Why is a Keyblade featured when there's no mention whatsoever of Kingdom hearts?

mark01922696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Because Microsoft holds the Key to the future of Kinect...?

Keith Olbermann2696d ago

Good business strategy= holding onto a secret that would improve your product drastically. Don’t share it with anyone until your core is disheartened and then…and only then..bam..lay it on them. LOL.

Capt-FuzzyPants2696d ago

Yea I was scared when I saw the Keyblade and the word Microsoft.

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VINNIEPAZ2696d ago

"Wishful thinking much?"

YEA! Thats the spirit! Let us gamers hope and pray that everything fails! Why would we want things like this to be true when we can sit back and hope everything gets worse. Thats the type of gamers I like......

ExPresident2696d ago


I've seen this before from all the camps and I'll wait till I see actual, quality, REAL, demonstration. Otherwise, its just hype.

iamnsuperman2696d ago

We heard a lot from Microsoft about what the Kinect could do but delivered on half the promises. They are not the only company to promise everything and deliver on some. Like you said no point getting hyped about it until we see footage (real not smoke and mirrors)

Bigpappy2696d ago

There is no evidence that M$ is doing the hyping. But there could be. It is mostly guys that don't own Kinect that take this stuff to heart.

ExPresident2696d ago

I never said Microsoft was hyping it. I just said its hype, the article itself.

Bigpappy2696d ago

@ExPresident: Yeah, I was really responding to what 'superman' said. I agree with everything you stated.

MasterCornholio2696d ago

I find it hard to believe that Kinects acurracy will improve 4 times due to a hardware update. I still believe that Kinect wont be able to analyze complex motions from fingers from a distance due to the low resolution of the camer and the speed of it.

If it is indeed true than Kinect games will be a lot better because of it.

m232696d ago

A lot of the hacks were able to do pretty impressing things using finger tracking and such, I think Microsoft will definitely be able to improve Kinect using software updates, they must have designed it to just like they did with the NXE.