This is what we expect from Nintendo's Project Café

ARS: Nintendo's press event is taking place on June 7, and all our questions about the company's upcoming system (codenamed Project Café) and games will be answered. Or at least most of our questions. Nintendo has done an admirable job keeping the specific details about the system quiet, but we have a few guesses about what we're going to see, and what it means for the company.

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beast242tru2694d ago

i hope nintendo goes all out and suprise everyone even though even me doubt it will happen in the graphics department

Devin93x2694d ago

Except you forgot it is suppose to be a 6 inch screen...

AAACE52694d ago

Not to mention the sticks wouldn't be placed like that! Even Sony wants to change the stick setup on their controller because the d pad isn't used as much anymore!

jacksonmichael2694d ago

I actually think the stick placement works for Playstation controllers because most of their games are shooters (ie, require dual analog) so having the sticks in symmetrical places is logical/comfortable.

AWBrawler2694d ago

can't wait to the day before E3 so I can update my 3DS and see how the browser and eshop is. When do we get netflix?

musicman650002694d ago

I'm excited to see the press conference for the Big N as well as Microsoft. I hope that the new controller does not have the grips that the classic pro has. It feels too sharp on the handles and the analogs are too light. I hope that they make it comfortable to hold, sorta like how the 360's controller is. Perfect controller to hold and play games with IMO.

Istanbull2694d ago

On the Japanese Nikkei journal, they said the screen will be 6". I rather believe a top Japanese quality journal then the sh!tty opinion and expectations of this website.

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