Sony Online Entertainment Announces PAYDAY: The Heist™ for the PC and PlayStation®3 System

Action-Packed, High-Stakes Heists and Cooperative Gameplay Turn Up the Heat on the First Person Shooter Genre

SAN DIEGO, June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) today announced PAYDAY: The Heist, a high-intensity squad-based first person shooter where players take on the role of a hardened career criminal pulling death-defying heists in the never-ending pursuit of the next "big score." Quick wit, an equally fast trigger finger and above all teamwork are the rules of engagement in PAYDAY: The Heist, available later this year on the PlayStation®Network and PC systems via digital download.

"As a leading publisher of independent titles for both the PlayStation®Network and PC, SOE continues to innovate in the digital space with new titles that engage players with high-energy, multi-faceted gameplay experiences," said Christopher Sturr, Executive Director of Business Development, SOE. "PAYDAY: The Heist is a premier quality downloadable game designed to deli...

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Dart892784d ago

This game sounds cool.Gonna keep an eye on it.

Keith Olbermann2784d ago

I wonder if they are using assets from the recenly droped Agency?? Not that it matters but that game was close to finished..

jukins2784d ago

thats exactly what popped in my head when i read the article. seems in a way agency maybe would've been something like this game but more fleshed out. im guessing the team just couldnt get it "fleshed out" and they decided to stop pumping money into it and get something out of it. either way looks cool. what would be really cool is cross platform play PC,PS3, and i know its not announced for it but the PS VITA too.

KingDustero2784d ago

This game does sound really interesting. Hopefully Sony will show some gameplay soon.

Persistantthug2783d ago

You'll get a a gameplay video and some pics.

Looks pretty cool.

If it's only 20 or 30 dollars, I'm buyin.

ksense2784d ago

love coop games. hope this is good

ArmrdChaos2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Taking bets on how long before the a$$hats at Fox news create a report on how game companies are teaching children to become bank robbers.

BeastlyRig2784d ago

Cross Platform?
First ever sony made shooter on pc? nice!

ArmrdChaos2784d ago

So....does that mean it is not an exclusive?

cyborg69712784d ago

Kinda. Think of it as a 360 exclusive where you can get on console and pc.

Wardog13682784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Sony developed planetside. It's not their first shooter on PC.

Anyway, this game looks pretty cool. Add that to my watch list.

Persistantthug2783d ago

That would be cool, but I didn't see that.

Anyone know?

Danielmccue2783d ago

I was disappointed with DC universe online when i realized it wasn't cross platform.

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