Hodge sends mixed messages to developers

British Government's culture minister shows contradictory stances on tax breaks during London Games Festival.

The London Games Festival is nearing its closure, but those developers or games execs that attended the various industry-facing sessions during the week probably don't feel their cause has been furthered much following some confusing messages from the UK Government on its support for games firms.

The UK's Minister of State for Culture, Media and Sport Margaret Hodge appeared at the ELSPA AGM at the start of the week, saying "you are top of the league when it comes to our creative industries" and saying the Government recognized the industry's power, but rebuffed fears that tax breaks in the likes of Canada were harming the UK market.

"From my perspective, the one word that I hear the most from the industry is 'Canada'.......

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titntin4870d ago

It's a real shame the UK Government can't get 100% behind games development in this country.
We still have a strong development communitty here, but it has been shrinking, and is increasingly being dominated by big publishers at the expense of the small development houses. Government assistence and help, would allow the smaller companies to operate and become sucessful.

Armyless4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

To attach the word "break" with taxation as if it were your moral obligation to pay homage to institutionalized bureaucrats from birth, is a slight-of-mind misdirection that would impress the likes of David Copperfied.

Watch me make the Statue of Liberty disappear!

Taxation is a vehicle for social engineering. When they "give" you a tax "break", they aren't "giving" you anything... they're INTERFERING LESS.