Ratchet & Clank Multiplayer Again in Future?

Insomniac has said once again that it will consider putting multiplayer back in Ratchet & Clank one day, even though you won't be seeing it in the new PS3 version.

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Leg-End4870d ago

if only 5% of people played multiplayer on ps2, then they might as well focus on the single player

then again, ppl will use multiplayer on ps3 more because the playstation network is better on ps3 than on ps2

HowarthsNJ4870d ago

They did say in the past they could create a stand alone Multi-player R&C game sold through PSN. It's just won't be connected to the current RCF:TOD game.

BloodySinner4870d ago

Maybe because the PS2 hardly had any online enabled games? Let alone, an online interface built for online play. Eg; Xbox Live.

ericnellie4870d ago

Last time I think only 5% of the people played online because the PS2 wasn't really known for it's online functionality but, now with the PS3 which is beefing up it's online presence I think more people would give the online aspects more attention;)

Irving4870d ago

I wouldn't care about it in R&C. They can put all their multiplayer muscle in next Resistance instead.

Baba19064870d ago

yeah why would i want multiplayer in a singleplayer game...... there are more than enough multipalyer games out there.

season0074870d ago

while it is not necessary, there are still plenty of good possibilities on single player me it seems that ONLINE is kind of a trend now but later it will get balance again

demolitionX4870d ago

i want co-op ratchet and clank both play same time!

hulk_bash19874870d ago

Yea that wud be something. Hopefully they find a way 2 successfully implement that in future iterations. Der are alot of new gameplay mechanics that may open up, but then agen GS may just hold it against the game for having 2 much variety, haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.