EU Welcome Back Content Is Available Now; Frequently Asked Questions Answered

EU PS Blog:
"With the PlayStation Store back online, we’ve been getting all caught up this week, having launched an abundance of amazing content for download on PlayStation 3 and PSP. Today, we’re excited to launch the Welcome Back program to thank you for your loyalty and below we’ve detailed what is available, how to go about downloading it and a list of frequently asked questions."

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fluffydelusions2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Congrats to our PS3 brothers across the pond. Now bring it stateside Sony :)

LOGICWINS2747d ago

And congrats to the people who have fake EU accounts. DL'ing Wipeout now :)

fluffydelusions2747d ago

Good call. Wish I had one before this whole thing happened.

zeeshan8102747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I have three accounts (EU, JP, and USA). :P I will download all 5 games.

LOGICWINS2747d ago

^^Thats what I'm looking to do as well :)

Yi-Long2747d ago

... but doesn't Sony have a way to limit your amount of free games per console, or are we who have multiple accounts just in luck?

...which might also mean I'll start 1 free month of PSN+ one of these days, and then when the 30 days are almost over, I'll start another free month of PSN+ on another account.

If I can download on all accounts, I'll have to make sure I pick up R&C and Dead Nation on my European account and inFamous and Wipeout on my USA account.

LOGICWINS2747d ago

"...which might also mean I'll start 1 free month of PSN+ one of these days, and then when the 30 days are almost over, I'll start another free month of PSN+ on another account."

I wanted to do that...but I'm sure theres an expiration date for the deal.

Yi-Long2747d ago

Isn't the expiration date only for when you can START the WB deal with PSN+ !?

So say if someone is now on vacation and will be back in 3 weeks, and he activates his free month of PSN... shouldn't it still last him a month?

LOGICWINS2747d ago

^^Hmmm..maybe ur right. There may not be any restrictions if you have multiple accounts. According to the Blog, the 30 day timer for PS Plus starts when you download it. So I guess theres no expiration date after all :)

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UnbiasedGamer2747d ago


SageHonor2747d ago

Does this count in the UK?

Sizzon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Edit: Now I'm 30 days a ps + member :D yay and downloading dead nation + wipeout HD at the moment woho!

SoulMisaki2747d ago

I noticed the Welcome Back package on my PS Store screen, and I chose that. I selected PS+ 30 day trial, and that redeemed. But I then chose the "PS3 Game 1" and it gave me the choice, "Get now" and I clicked that, but I could never get any of the games. Same with the second one. What's wrong...? Now the WB section is gone.... What do I do!?

MinusTheBear2747d ago

Same thing happened to me.

kingboy2747d ago

same thing here all the free games for download are gone and i only clicked the welcome add lol

maverick11912747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

how do u get the free games?


Nevermind found it it's under latest

fluffydelusions2747d ago

I'll be interested to see how the servers cope with all the downloads. Hopefully all goes well. I don't want to still be downloading infamous when infamous 2 hits Tuesday lol.

kma2k2747d ago

Hell yea, i actually bought a bigger memory card for my psp just to download the free games :) Come on USA lets get it going sony!

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