F1 2011 has 'all the features fans wanted' - Codies

Codemasters has claimed that it has included "all the features that people have wanted" in its beautiful racer F1 2011.

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ChronoJoe2746d ago

What I wanted was 60 frames per second, not 20-30. =/

Si-Fly2746d ago

I was getting 69 fps average 1080 ultra settings...

iamgoatman2746d ago

As long as you had a decent CPU the first game wasn't too demanding, averaged around 105FPS on Ultra settings with 8xAA.

ChronoJoe2745d ago

Heh I was talking console :) sorry.

Si-Fly2746d ago

@iamgoatman : considering a radeon 6990 benchmarks at 105fps in f1 2010 I think you're either bullshitting or have a top of the range gpu aswell as CPU lol.

iamgoatman2745d ago

Running 2 ATI 5850 1GB in crossfire which are OC to 980/1200Mhz and an Intel i5 2500K at 4.8Ghz, but it's benched at 1680x1050 which is obviously showing that increase in FPS compared to 1920x1080.

Been meaning to get either a much bigger monitor or another 2 screens to make use of the 2 GPU's, but with a lack of funds I haven't got round to it. I'm sure once I do the benches will tell a different story :)

memots2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I paid full price for f1 2010 on pc,
and i still think its a great game but..... with this freaking yearly thing it feels like i bought a beta version.

They need to offer for people who bought 2010 a way to save money. Like .. Sell a full of 2011 on disc and offer a upgrade DLC to make your 2010 version the new 2011 version. Make its 20$ and i would buy it in a heartbeat. But at this time there is no way that i will spend my money on 2011.

Note to Codemaster ... Customer do not like feeling ripped off.

gcolley2746d ago

im certainly not buying 1 every year

Si-Fly2746d ago

Come off it, any F1 fan wants a new game this year with new tyres, DRS and KERS. Football fans lap up the new FIFA every year as do fps geeks with COD, I'm more than happy to hand my money over to Codies as long as the game is improved year on year.


If you had been following the actual F1 2011, the features you really want is Hamilton's car with rubber bumpers.

Great pilot, but totally out of control... The worst part is that he actually believes there is some kind of conspiracy to take him away from F1.

kneon2746d ago

Rubber bumpers are insufficient, he needs the whole car padded. Maybe he should be looking for a sponsorship from Nerf :)

Ddouble2746d ago

I won't say out of control, it was just a bad weekend and he said some things he regretted. Let's move on to Canada.

kneon2746d ago

He's said a lot of things he's regretted over his career, or at least I hope he regrets them. He should just shut up and drive.

Pintheshadows2746d ago

At this point I think if codies' shat in a case and offered as a driving game i'd buy. I have just one question. Where is GRID 2?

CaptCalvin2745d ago

What about classic F1 cars and that F1 test track that they used to put in the older F1 games? and Telemetry?

Si-Fly2745d ago

Very well said, I'll take a Mclaren MP4/12 any day of the week over the current F1 cars. I'd like to see a proper career with a feeder series such as GP2. It'd be a good way for newcomers to learn the tracks in a slower car too...