Top 10 Classics Deserving of a Remake

Ten classic games that need to be remade -- if only with a fresh coat of paint, enhanced audio, and optional play modes.

Outdated visuals suck. Enter the high-resolution remake; an effective way to revitalize and modernize classic gameplay for a new generation of gamers or for those wanting to experience a favorite for the second time. For a good example of the subject, think of Super Contra on Xbox Live Arcade or even New Super Mario Bros. on the DS.

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MK_Red4875d ago

Good list but IMO, one game stands above the rest: Doom.

Remaking the original Doom with modern graphics would be more than awesome. Doom 1 is pretty intese and scary even with outdated graphics and after all these years. Can't begin to imagine how crazy Doom 1 would be with BioShock / Crysis quality graphics.

MK_Red4875d ago

Don't be stupid. Doom 3 was nothing like Doom 1. It was a different game alltogether. It had boring gameplay, cheap shocks and enemies. Totally different level design and enemies hardly resembled classic Doom ones.

If anything, Doom 3 was like a mix of Half Life and Resident Evil. If you play all Dooms together (Doom 1, 2 and 3) you'll understand.
Doom 1 and 2: Two of the best FPS games ever
Doom 3: A good but generic FPS.

FirstknighT4875d ago

What Doom 3 did you play? It was almost exactly like Doom 1. Yeah the level design was different but do you really want to play in HUGE square rooms??? The Doom 3 monsters were pretty accurate all the way down to their weapon of choice. All the weapons of Doom 1 were also present in Doom 3. I can't see a next gen remake of Doom 1 be any different from Doom 3.

SlippyMadFrog4875d ago

I'm sorry Firstknight but I agree with MK. Doom 3 is a totally different game than Doom 1 & 2. Doom 1 & 2 had more of a fast paced action feel to it than Doom 3. I like the fact that each level in Doom 1 & 2 is totaly seperated from one another while Doom 3 is like one long level. You don't have to remake all the rooms square but give the Doom remake the exact same play mechanic as the original and I will be sold.

Malkier4875d ago

Doom 3 was a different game,complete different feel and to be honest, I didn't like it as much as 1 & 2. Remakes of them would be great.

Lionsguard4875d ago

I don't believe you ever played Doom1 or it's been too long since you have. DOOM 3 was NOTHING like DOOM 1 don't even compare that crap to the original. Doom 3 = open a door and 1-2 demons jump out easily taken out by a well placed rocket. Doom 1 = open a door and horde of demons pour out blasting you in the face with red and green fireballs. Barons of Hell from DOOM 1 > Barons of Hell Doom 3. The Cyberdemon in Doom 3 wasn't even that scary, sure he was big but he just wasn't scary for some reason. i replayed Doom 2 not too long ago and just hearing the roar of the cyberdemon and listening to him walk around blasting demons was just frightening. 2D Cyberdemon sprite > 3D Cyberdemon model. id software and carmack needs to go back to their roots. I wouldn't mind if they made a DOOM 3 remake using the DOOM 2 engine, I'd pay money for that!

WilliamRLBaker4875d ago

I agree with knight, doom 3 was exactly like doom 1 except the crappy room design in doom 1 is no longer present! oh yay another......square room just like the last one....

And if you want harder play like doom 1, then play doom 3 on this hardest.

games4fun4875d ago

doom is good too, i disagree with the guy who made this putting tetris as number 1. That is ridiculous how many times has there been a remake of tetris ... alot. Heck id put tetris number ten and bump up ff7

Bebedora4874d ago

It was a great game back then. Can be fun playing some even today.

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ReBurn4875d ago

We don't need remakes. We need better original IP's. I'm not disparaging the games on the list. Many of them were genre defining classics. I just think that too much emphasis is placed on digging up the past instead of looking to the future.

tplarkin74874d ago

We have already seen MGS, RE, and TR remakes. These were "ok", but nothing compared to a new experience. The bump in graphics does not justify a remake.

predator4875d ago

Mk there are two sides to that, doom 1 and 2 are class, no doubt about it, but doom 3 came out when there are so many different FPS that it didnt feel any different, now if doom 1 and 2 came out when the market was flooded with FPS would they get the reconistion they did get now, i didnt think doom 3 was all that bad, it felt like doom 1 but in 3d to be honest

Genki4875d ago

but what about Earthworm Jim, Vector Man, and some other platforming legends out there? I would KILL to have Super Mario RPG updated by todays standards.

Shadow Flare4875d ago

uh, i think we know what everyone wants and that's a full next-gen remake of E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial

nobizlikesnowbiz4875d ago

It'll end up being like the Code Monkeys episode.

wageslave4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Yes To Earthworm Jim, to that I'd add Conker's Bad Fur Day and another game from the Interplay Clay Series (Clay Fighter / Claymates).

I imagine the "claymation" would give a great opportunity for new art direction if done right.


Yes to Vectorman
No to Goldeneye, they would turn out a generic FPS. Perhaps another good 007 FPS would be better than remaking Goldeneye, I could agree with that.

YES YES YES to a Xwing vs. Tie Fighter on Xbox 360 LIVE. That is a genre (Sci-Fi space combat mutli-player) that would kick-much-arse. Using voice chat to keep formation and attack groups in a big-game-space would be incredible.

Edit 2:
Yes to R-Type mentioned below.

Also, how about Space Harrier? Done with more platform, RPG (upgrades) elements than just a schmup-type shooter.

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Mattguy4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Better make a comment quick before halo fanboys nuclear sh1t bomb this. Castlevania is the one that caught my eye first(lol) I would love to have a truly good and next-gen one of those and I second the doom comments, doom 3 had me jump once or twice but it was nothing special at all in the end.

EDIT: omg YES! I would love another earth worm jim! Too bad I don't think squenix would ever put out another mario-my second most favorite mario game ever was rpg(first being 64)

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