A Subscription Based Call of Duty Could be a Good Thing

Call of Duty Elite isn't the dread subscription based game many feared as the franchise's future. Would it really be so bad?

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jdfoster002694d ago

You don't know what you will have to pay for yet.... The FREE features of ELITE though are pretty cool

Reibooi2694d ago

See this is the thing I'm really confused about. The free things are what 90% of the players wanted in the first place and those bits are gonna be free(which they are in many other games as well. Halo for example tracks the same stats via

What I want to know is what exactly your paying for? The only real thing that's been tossed around is a web show or something. Which most are not gonna give a crap about as most people play COD for the multi player and not the universe or anything like that.

Are you gonna get DLC free? Are they gonna release DLC faster? Will the DLC be bigger? Will the game be more stable and glitch free? Will cheaters more quickly be banned? Will the game be on dedicated servers?

Really there are a million things one could ask about what exactly it is your paying for and knowing Activision most of that stuff(which makes perfect sense) will not be part of elite.

flyingmunky2694d ago

How is there free anything of a service that you pay for?

zeal0us2694d ago

Its only a good thing to activision and their shareholders/stockholders and NO ONE ELSE!

Therealspy032694d ago

not at all. i had black ops for 360 and traded it within 2 weeks...awful game. but then! steam did a free weekend so i thought i'd try it on pc...and i was amazed. i've never seen a game play and look WORSE on pc like that. what a POS game. i can't figure out why ppl buy's just such complete junk.

60 dollars for a rehashed game every year plus a monthly fee just so you get some advanced stat tracking and "free" thanks. the franchise should just go away.

Chocoboh2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Anything subscription based is bad when you pay for a $60+ game($70~$80 w/ tax where I live) on top of the $15 map packs

As far as I'm aware CoD is the only game that's going to have done this(on consoles).. sad day for gamers world wide if it's a hit..

edit: and then there are people who spend money on Subscriptions for the Xbox360?

-Alpha2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

The $15 map packs will likely come within the subs much like how you get free stuff under PS+

Also, it's entirely optional and they are giving you the basic things (stat tracking, clan creating, etc) for free. It's not as bad as people make it out to be, and we have yet to see what they are going to charge for. It doesn't affect non-subscribers either.

Bungie Pro exists and I think Elite wont be any different from it.

People are worrying for no reason

Chocoboh2694d ago

Except DICE already came out and said they're offering the same thing for free and many F2P games before it have already done the same thing for free. And if it's gonna be like that I'd rather them do something like what EA did and charge $10 extra for a one time buy VIP pass type thing(all maps, extra content free)

-Alpha2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

We know very little about Elite's paid features, one of which we do know is that they are offering tournies with actual prizes. I didn't hear DICE doing that.

All the features DICE are offering are also free on COD as far as we know (stat tracking, creating clans, etc).

The only reason DICE offers the VIP pass with extra maps free is because that's their strategy. Don't think for a second that if they were in Activision's position that EA wouldn't do the same, because they would.

Again, what Activision is offering is promising to be a lot bigger-- there is nothing we know about Elite's paid content so it's best to just wait instead of just assuming the worst

jdfoster002694d ago

yeah, and we pay £90 for them over here in the uk -.-. One thing I will say though Is that Activision do not make a dime over the live subsription fee... That's all to do with microsoft and seeing it's the only console that makes u pay for online so I wouldn't put that in in this specific argument/debate/topic as pc/ps3 are freee and cod elite/cod is a multiplat. So by paying for online it has nothing to do with the product at all. Just to do with the online features you receive (cross game chat, last fm etc etc)

GRIMLOCK_792694d ago

not good for me. i'll pass

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