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CheatCC says - It has been a tough few months for Disney Interactive Studios. They closed Propaganda Studios, which was responsible for the development of the Tron: Evolution games, Split/Second developers Black Rock Studios were significantly downsized, and the company posted a loss of over a hundred million dollars last quarter. Disney needs a hit, and if early impressions are anything to go by, they may have one in Disney Universe.

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sickpup2694d ago

I'm glad to hear that Disney is finally focusing their games on something more feasible. Making a movie based game about every movie was getting old and the quality of almost all of them were poor, except the LEGO series. With the Disney Universe they are set up for an ever expanding DLC. They almost could focus on an MMO based on the same idea. The biggest downfalls I could see to this game is ease of play, lack of online co-op, and only a single campaign. While they promise DLC having something that promotes replayability is important. Halo has multiplayer, armory, daily challenges, etc. COD has perks, prestige modes, zombies, etc. Rock Band has new songs, online band mode, etc. You get the idea. How many straight campaign games stay popular? Not many. Guess we'll see what they have at E3