The NGP Could be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the PSP

With the NGP offering full backwards compatibility for downloadable PSP games as well as upgraded gameplay options, could it become the best platform to play PSP games on?

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Kurisu2746d ago

If ALL PSP titles are offered on the store, then yes.

jony_dols2746d ago

Well as long as Sony prioritize and have all the PSP classics up (and not just a load of low grade filler titles...I'm looking at you PSone Classics), it will be great.

darthv722746d ago

yeah...statement of the obvious

As a go user, I really hope they fully embrace the digital copies of games. Maybe even offer portable versions with the console release. Like with how movies are being offered with digital copies you can download.

I wouldnt mind paying an extra 10-20$ to get the new uncharted game bundled with uncharted 3. Hook the psp/ngp to the ps3 to do the validation and install.

Come to think of it...why are there no digital copies of movies for the psp on sony blurays?

sikbeta2745d ago

The NGP is the Best Thing that Happened after the PSP.

les_snc912746d ago

The Vita is a really Exciting Piece of Hardware.

Pixel_Enemy2746d ago

It really is. It looks great! My only issue is that it is really big and knowing Sony they will release a slim model a few years from launch. I am buying it day one though

femshep2746d ago

i would would be a bad selling point if they were like the NGP worse than the psp but we still want you to buy excited for this just hoping the price isnt the same as buying a new console

Bibmiester2746d ago

I agree, hopefully they won't kill with the price point, sort of what nintendo did, because i just see my self spending 250 on a ds, when I barely will use the 3D features. but with that said The Vita looks pretty promising at the moment.

femshep2746d ago

yeah thing that is holding me off besides games(which will be next week so no complaints) is the 3G....why do i have to pay for a service plan when i have a million other things that can access my email and internet?

Ju2746d ago

you are just a troll. Nobody forces you into a 3G service plan. There (most likely) will be two devices, one with and one without 3G. Nobody said, 3G is limited to one carrier either. It could simply have a SIM slot.

BeardedGamerShow2746d ago

This will be awesome. I had a PSP and bought some games off PSN for it, but later sold the handheld. This means when I get my NGP, I'll be able to redownload them. Totally agree with this editorial.

NellyNel_7_1_32746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

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