Edge: The Witcher 2 review

Though agonisingly slow to get to the good stuff, CD Projekt's RPG sequel rewards patient monster slayers.

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Trroy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

More confirmation that Edge is the worst rag in gaming.

UnbiasedGamer3526d ago

what that is a plain awful score to give..this shouldn't put off 360 owners.They will get there hands on Witcher 2 soon aswell!!

Keith Olbermann3526d ago

Listen to Rebel FM. They were mostly negative too. Now 360 fanboyz want to parade this as a major exclusive over ps3? We shall see.....

UnbiasedGamer3526d ago

you mad? This is a great game and stellar RPG, don't say your mad because of the bombshell announcement of Witcher 2 a MAJOR exclusive over PS3..oh wait another bombshell MGS appearing on Xbox 360...

I actually want it to come PS3..but this is the benefits of having all consoles.

evrfighter3526d ago

Well I dont think edge has ever been a reputable source for reviews...well here at n4g at least.

I dont ever visit their site so I guess I'm not their target audience.

Keith Olbermann3526d ago


I would be mad if it were a good game. I do like the fact that 360 owners can enjoy peacewalker which was my GOTY. I still play that game in adhoc party and will play it some more on the ps3. Everyone gets the good stuff.

3526d ago
gillri3526d ago

more confirmation that people cant respect other peoples opinions

Trroy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I can respect the opinion of people off the street on games just fine.

Put the opinions of a random joe in a professional gaming review, in a magazine marketed to the gamer demographic, though, and you're misleading the consumer. This guy comes off as a weak Action RPG fan at best.

Reviews are not meant to be sourced from anyone. If they were, they wouldn't matter any more than anyone else's opinion. Game reviewers are not merely professional "opinion havers" -- they are *supposed* to be gamers VERY familiar with the genre they are reviewing -- experts IN THAT GENRE. This reviewer is so disconnected from gamers actually interested in opening the review, as to sound profoundly unprofessional to actual genre fans. His review belongs in a magazine which caters to non-gamers as well, say Good Housekeeping, as an example.

I don't fault the guy for having an opinion. I fault Edge, a magazine which claims to cater specifically to gamers with its gaming reviews, claiming to review for the "gaming elite", for not asking someone familiar with what people interested in the genre are interested in, to review this game.

That's shoddy journalism, and its unacceptable -- Edge deserves the knocks it gets, because it pushes unfocused reviews as reviews for "elite" gamers. That's a lie, and thus contrary to good journalism, and good/moral business practices. It's not like this is the first example of this behavior from Edge, either.

I actually suspect that the review sounds so profoundly negative, because the editors cut out the "good" stuff, due to the fact that it would make the author's lack of familiarity with the genre too apparent.

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RedDead3526d ago

I can't comment on the review because I haven't play, are the faults correct? However it's odd that they focus on only the faults.

TheLastGuardian20103526d ago

Eh, depends. For some it is, for others it isn't. But regardless that score is trash. Witcher 2 is a goty contender, not some bargin bin title like edge is making this out to be. Pathetic, edge can suck a dick for all I care.

Trroy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I have to agree with TheLastGuardian2010.

The game is difficult to get into, but then, so was Demon's Souls.

Edge gave Demon's Souls a 90 (which I feel is a reasonable score for that game). Witcher 2 deserved better. The "faults" of both games are very similar, in my book.

I actually don't see them as faults, however. Of course, I happen to play a lot of Action RPGs. Maybe the Edge reviewer, ironically, doesn't (or he just sucks at it). That would make him unqualified to review the game, of course... and no gaming rag would ever assign an unqualified reviewer to review a game... nope. No way. /s

Si-Fly3526d ago

If you'd bothered to read the review you'd see that they said combat is easy once you've levelled up a bit, and the only thing that made combat hard after that was a broken targeting system ( which patch 1.2 has fixed). However I agree with you that this is a 9/10 game.

smilydude133526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

The review is excessively negative and for them to say that it takes forever to get to the good parts and that the prologue is is just fluff is ludicrous. It honestly seems like he's just focusing on the nitpicks and exaggerating them. That review is such a mess it would take me too long to write up all the points he's either exaggerating about or just plain full of it on. I also like how he only mentioned the positives in passing or with negative overtones.

Worst and most exaggerated review I've come across in a while. I bet this reviewer and Jim Sterling get along great.

fluffydelusions3526d ago

It's edge. You expect decent journalism?

sarlucic3526d ago

Oh, Edge is in need of visitors? Or did cdproject forgett to pay the bill. Most people agree that The witcher 2 is one, if not the best RPG in many many years. This is not journalism its trolling. Its a shame really

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