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lugia 40002695d ago

Thats what I want to see :)

user8586212695d ago

Pc version? me wana see 64 players in action! <3

St02695d ago

If the maps are going to be bigger than BF2s then I want to see 128+ multiplayer madness!

If not, maybe someone will make a mod that will allow more than 64 on PC, BF2 Project Reality mod allowed 128 so I don't see why not :D

user8586212695d ago

The mods!!! *mouth drools*

Chocoboh2695d ago

Most anticipated FPS game for 2011 for me! PC version day 1

AllroundGamer2695d ago

hit agree if you are also buying a new PC rig just because of this game :)

KeiserSosay47882695d ago

I'm definitely buying a beast gfx card just for this game!

sprayNpray2695d ago

I've been saving up for one ever since I saw the first trailer.

evrfighter2694d ago

I would have hit agree but I won't be buying a new pc...

Cuz I already upgraded just for this game.

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